2018 Here we Come!

We're super excited about the 2018 season and hope you are too! Before we get too far down the road, we'd like to share with you some policy changes and also make sure we've got up to date information about your van. Please complete the following form. It'll be quick and easy. Note: We need to have this completed form on file before your next rental takes place ... so don't delay!!

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New Requirement from our Insurance Provider *
NEW POLICY: Our insurance provider has created a new requirement. Going forward, all vehicles must be inspected every 90 days to ensure that they are in good condition. The policy states, "Every vehicle must pass a 90-day inspection of its tires, brakes, and LP gas, appliance and electrical systems within 90-days of the reservation departure." Note that our insurers reserve the right to request these inspection documents in the case of a claim, so you should be sure to document your compliance with this provision.
GoCamp Mechanical Assessment *
CHANGE: Given the requirement above, GoCamp has changed its policy regarding its own mechanical assessment. You must have your vehicle inspected prior to listing for the first time, but our assessment is no longer an annual requirement. For those joining the fleet after February 2018, GoCamp will pay for the initial assessment and deduct the costs associated with it from your first rental payment so that you don't incur any upfront assessment costs.
Payment to you
In 2018 you'll have the option of receiving payments electronically via PayPal. Because GoCamp is registered with PayPal as an LLC, we will NOT be using the "Friends and Family" feature. Thus you will incur a small fee from PayPal when receiving funds from GoCamp. Please let us know below if you would like to use PayPal to receive payment in 2018. (Please note that VENMO is not an option for us; as an LLC we'd be in violation of their terms of service.)
Review your profile
Now is a GREAT time to review your profile. Is everything accurate? Are the prices right? Have you made any upgrades or added any features that we should promote? Do the super awesome, unique aspects of your vehicle shine through? Are the add-ons complete? Do we represent your desires regarding 24-hour roadside assistance accurately?
Are you planning to use your vehicle this year? Please be sure to let us know your blackout dates now or as soon as you know them.