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Make Camping Easy

GoCamp offers fully equipped camper van rentals so you can hop in and go

All of our camper vans are road trip ready

With GoCamp camper van rentals, everything you need is included — bedding, dishware and cookware, camp chairs, and more. Rent one of our fully outfitted camper vans and you’ll get to spend less time on the boring packing and more time on the fun stuff, like planning your adventure.

Enjoy all the perks of vanlife with none of the hassles.

Reimagine Your Holiday Traditions

Take your holiday outside this year. GoCamp is here to help you plan a trip, gift an experience, or get outside this holiday season. Outside is our best side and it looks great on you too.

Traveling to see friends or family? Consider a stop en route to take a hike. Maybe add a day or two to camp along the way. You're sure to show up in the holiday spirit smelling like fresh air, the forest, and perhaps a campfire.

Have vacation time saved up? It's shocking how many people don't take their PTO. Set your OOO to adventure and take a break this holiday season.

Decompress outdoors! Multiple studies show the benefits of spending time outside, notably improvements to your physical health and mental well-being. Nature is a gift to us all!

Stuff is stuff. Memories mean more. Experiences are way more valuable than things. New gadget or a night spent camping under the stars? Gazing into the galaxy wins every time. ✨

When GoCamp says everything is included they really mean it. All we had to do was stop for groceries on the way out of town! 

The van had been meticulously stocked with everything we needed. This is a huge advantage of GoCamp. We’ve always found it stressful planning and assembling all the equipment for our outdoor adventures. But our GoCamp trip was a breeze.”

Daniel F in Adventure Van

Everything you need is included

GoCamp vans are ready to hit the road. All you have to bring is yourself and a sense of adventure.

Eating & Drinking

Plates, bowls, cups, silverware, etc. — all the dishware you need is already packed inside the van. The only thing left for you to do is set the table.


All the cookware you'd expect ⁠— pots, pans, kettle, colander, cutting board, good sharp knives, etc. ⁠— is included. Just stop for groceries on your way out of town.


Snuggle up in cozy comfort as every camper van includes bedding such as pillows, comforters and blankets. Towels are also provided. Don't forget to pack your PJs.


A small camp table, chairs, lanterns, and other camping items are included. Just bring personal items, like that book you've been wanting to read.

I will never sleep on the ground in a tent again. GoCamp has ruined tent camping for me. 

“My GoCamp experience can be summarized in one word: comfortable. I slept like a baby in the van’s bed. I mean camping with a memory foam mattress? Yes please!”

Jessica G in Manzanita

High-quality camper vans


Not all camper vans are created equal. On other large rental sites you'll find a mixed bag in terms of quality. On GoCamp you will only encounter the highest quality camper vans.

We also offer an incredible variety. You aren't choosing between generic van #1 and generic van #2. As a peer-to-peer rental service, our vans are owned by individuals. Each vehicle is unique. And all are meticulously maintained, fun to drive, and easy to park.

From old-school Volkswagen Vanagons and Eurovans to newer Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, Ford Transits, Dodge Ram ProMasters, Storyteller Overland MODE 4x4 adventure vans, specialty conversion vans, and many more makes, models, and styles, you have lots of great choices for your next road trip.

You just have to pick one, and there isn't a bad choice in the bunch!

Down comforters, twinkly lights, and all the camping gear you need.

A+ experience. GoCamp has you covered and then some. It felt like a super high-quality, boutique experience from start to finish. The customer service team was patient with all my questions. The vans on GoCamp are all really nice, and in our case the owner even more so. It felt like borrowing a van from a friend. ”

Savonn W in Grand Ronde

Friendly and Helpful Van Owners


GoCamp is just like Airbnb, but for camper vans. We connect you with van owners who are as awesome as their vans. You will be renting from a real person who wants you to have a really good time.

You will meet the owner when you pick up the van, and get a quick orientation from the person who knows it best. GoCamp van owners like to surprise and delight, and care about the smallest details. Prefer tea over coffee in the morning? Just let the van owner know. Also, lots of van owners are more than happy to share insider tips on where to go, what to see, and the best camp spots.

Chances are good you will make a new friend. You'll definitely have a unique and personal experience.

Enjoy five-star customer service

Drive, camp, and explore with confidence

Tooting our own horn …

Our customer service gets rave reviews. Repeatedly. Whether this is your first time in a camper van or you’re a seasoned pro, we will set you up for success.

Got questions before or during your trip? Ask us anything. We could talk about vans all day long.

After you’ve booked your camper van you’ll receive a digital Road Trip Ready Guide, including the low down on your van, a detailed list of what’s included, plus lots of tips to make your trip awesome.

We provide 24-hour Roadside Assistance for just $15/day so you always have access to help if something goes wrong.

No impersonal 1.800 number here, folks. You get a direct line to the van owner and the GoCamp customer service team at all times.

Our comprehensive insurance policy covers the unique requirements of peer-to-peer rentals, providing you with peace of mind throughout your trip.


It’s time to stop dreaming about it and book your next adventure

Cozy bed in wood paneled camper van