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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter on bridge

COVID-19 Update

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter on bridge

COVID-19 Update

Every day brings a new development with regard to the novel coronavirus; the situation is unsettling for sure. As this unfolds within our local communities and the world at large, we’re focusing on gratitude, on the natural resilience of people and the planet, and on that which is within our control. We’ll post updates to our response here as changes are warranted.

GoCamp Van Owners Meeting

Van Owner Meetings

At the start of every year we host a van owner gathering so we can celebrate the past season and strategize on how to deliver the best possible customer experience in the next. We want to make sure everybody is enjoying the journey. Join us at an upcoming meeting to learn more about listing your van on GoCamp.

White Sprinter van in the Columbia River Gorge

Make Money with GoCamp

The #1 question van owners ask before listing their van on GoCamp is: “How much money will I make if I rent my van on GoCamp?” The short answer is that last year van owners in the GoCamp fleet made as much as $23,000 by renting their camper vans through GoCamp. Simply put, we turn driveway downtime into easy income.

Honeymoon Heaven

How to top an epic wedding? With an equally memorable camper van honeymoon of course. Bri and Justin set out on their 🚐🍯🌙 for a 3,000 mile journey throughout the Southwest. Bri says, “we’re hooked on van living. We’ve been driving a ton, listening to country music, taking in the insane landscapes, camping, cooking over the fire, curling up with a space heater at night, and stopping at tons of thrift stores and restaurants along the way. Honeymoon in a GoCamp van was the way to go!”

Bacon on the stove with eggs and daffodils in a Eurovan Camper.

Cook in a Camper

GoCamp offers two different types of VW Eurovans – what are called “Campers” and “Weekenders.” Both styles have the fun pop top. The big difference relates to how the space in the main cabin is used. Campers have a little kitchenette inside the van that includes a sink, 12 gallons of water capacity, a two-burner gas stove, and either a small fridge or a cooler.