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Transit vs ProMaster


Transit vs ProMaster

Trying to decide between a Ford Transit and a Doge ProMaster? Carmen and Chris have tried both and are happy to share their notes.

Snow Adventures by Camper Van

Have snow much fun with a winter camper van vacation! Rent a camper van in Portland, OR and snowshoe on Mt. Hood.

Golden State of Mind

Where to go and how to travel safely in California by camper van.

Long Term Camper Van Rentals

When regular life gives you lemons, try van life. That’s exactly what Leanna Trombino did when she drove away from home in her home away from home for 31 nights. Learn more about long term rentals, and discounts for them, with GoCamp.


Meet the roadschoolers. These families have brought along the kids and the curriculums, the beds, books, dogs, bikes, roadmaps, and of course, the kitchen sink. It’s called roadschooling. And it’s not just a lifestyle option for Captain Fantastic in the movies. It’s a real option for real families, right now.

GoWesty installs van upgrades

Our Favorite Van Upgrades

Everyone loves upgrades. Flying to the opposite coast and happy with your window seat? Well what if someone tapped you on the shoulder and said “Excuse me, would you like an upgrade to first class?” You would say yes. Because everyone loves upgrades, we’ve partnered up with TWO incredible companies to offer discounts on camper van upgrades for people who rent out their vans through GoCamp: Aluminess and GoWesty.

Love Songs To Drive For

Love is beautiful and complex, teeming with high notes and low notes, melodies and harmonies. Here’s to the love songs! And to driving into the sunset with someone you love.