2021 Year in Review

Like being on a road trip and watching the miles tick by, at GoCamp we measure and monitor our progress to be sure we deliver the absolute best experience for renters and van owners alike.

In 2021 happy families, couples, friends, and solo travelers took 1,274 road trips and spent 6,603 starry, wondrous nights in our vans. GoCamp’s top three markets were Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, and in each of our over fifteen markets we earned one five-star review after another. Those rave reviews from renters assure us we are delivering on the promise to make camping easy.

As for van owners, owner earnings have never been higher. Reservations increased by 111% in 2021, and each metric we measure — trip length, reservation value, and nightly rate — was on the rise as well. All indicators suggest 2022 will be another year of phenomenal growth. We’re expecting top van owners will earn as much as $50,000 in 2022.

2021 GoCamp Van Owner Awards

Celebrating our helpful, customer-oriented van owners is a daily affair at GoCamp, and annually we give out awards to those who had exceptional years. Hearty congratulations to the 2021 GoCamp van owner award winners highlighted below.

Highest Overall Gross Bookings
Blue Rodeo Revel, Denver, CO: $56,232!

Several factors propelled this van into the top earner spot, including professional photography provided by GoCamp, a relatively open calendar, seating for four, and a customer-service oriented van owner. Extra charges for things like mileage fees pushed this van well into the $65,000 range.

  • Mercedes-Benz Storyteller Overland MODE for rent earns $14,000 in one rental
  • Vanagon owner rents out camper van for great ROI
  • Merecedes Benz Sprinter for rent on GoCamp earns over $100,000 in passive income
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter rented out on GoCamp earns over $95,000 in extra income
  • Three GoCamp van owners get most five-star reviews
  • Camper van built by Court and Nate most likely to be featured on instagram for #vanlife
  • Amazing DIY camper van earns income while renting on GoCamp
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van earns best van conversion award from GoCamp
  • An Airbnb style welcome basket inside a camper vann
  • Camper van most likely to get rented out
  • Storyteller Overland acquires GoCamp; MODE owners rent out their vans
  • Mercedes-Benz Revel earns over $56,000 by renting out on GoCamp

Highest Dollar Value Reservation
Big Blue, Los Angeles, CA:  $14,000 

In 2021 GoCamp welcomed many Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 adventure vans into the fleet. These vans are in great demand and fetch as much as $280 – $360 in most GoCamp markets.

Longest Rental
Big Blue, Los Angeles, CA: 39 nights

Average trip length has been on the rise ever since COVID began, with more and more renters opting to combine work, travel and vacation for longer and longer excursions. In 2021 GoCamp booked numerous month plus long rentals.

Best ROI
Maupin, Portland, OR: $48,765 (lifetime GoCamp net earnings)

We are often asked which vans deliver the best return on investment (ROI). The answer to that question depends on how much you initially paid for your van! With a relatively low purchase price, the owner of Maupin, a Volkswagen Vanagon, has earned at least four times what he paid for his van since listing on GoCamp.

Gets Better w Age + Lifetime Achievement
Sparkles, San Francisco/Oakland, CA: $96,741

Renting a camper van has gotten increasingly more popular year after year, and COVID only heightened the interest in this form of travel. For van owners that started listing their vans several years ago, that means year over year returns have been steadily increasing.

Most Reviews
Your New BFF, Seattle, WA
Ranger Van, Denver, CO
Vincent Van Go (Vinny), Portland, OR

Want to know how to get numerous, great reviews? Provide exceptional customer service as so many GoCamp van owners do! The GoCamp fleet is curated, we accept listings from only the nicest vans and the friendliest van owners to guard our hard-earned brand integrity.

Most Likely to be Featured on Instagram
Chica Van Gogh, Portland, OR

Chica was built by Court and Nate, a traveling duo who share vanlife tips on social media, and occasionally stay in one place long enough to build custom vans for others, which was the case with this custom conversion van now available to rent on GoCamp. So many of the vans on GoCamp are knock outs so it was tough to choose a winner for this award!

Best DIY Build
West Vanderson, Denver, CO

All types of vans are welcome in the GoCamp fleet: DIY vans, professionally outfitted rigs or ones straight out of the factory. And if your DIY job is as nice as West Vanderson’s, please do be in touch!

Best Professional Build
Manzanita, Portland, OR

Many of the vans on the GoCamp website are professionally built by talented outfitters and featured on our Try Before You Buy page. Manzanita is an example of two great companies collaborating; Overland Van Project partnered with ZenVans on this exquisite build.

Most Like an Airbnb
Lima, San Francisco/Oakland, CA

We often say GoCamp is just like Airbnb, but for camper vans. And our owners are “super hosts” for sure. Each GoCamp van comes with all the cooking, eating, sleeping and camping gear one could ever need. And they also often come with lots of welcoming extras.

Most Likely to Succeed
Turbo, Portland, OR

What makes this van most likely to succeed? It’s committed and enthusiastic owner, Peter Nguyen! Peter did lots of things right from the get go, notably he attended GoCamp’s new van owner orientation, participated in a GoCamp sponsored professional photoshoot, stocked the van with great gear, and wrote up a great guest book full of helpful information for renters.

Most Likely to Get Bought by Storyteller Overland

Just in case you missed the news at the end of last year, please note that GoCamp was recently acquired by Storyteller Overland. This new relationship with Storyteller Overland brings nothing but good news for GoCamp’s van owners. Indeed the acquisition puts some rocket fuel in GoCamp’s tank that’ll propel us forward as we expand nationally and roll out new services for van owners. 

Onward to 2022!

In 2022 GoCamp will be offering our curated selection of camper van rentals all across the United States. If you are interested in earning income from your camper van when you aren’t using it, please be in touch, no matter where you and your van live. We’d be happy to talk to you about renting out your rig, and would love to see you on the list of award winners next year! Let’s make it happen.

Learn more about listing your van on GoCamp.

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    thinking of buying a new pleasure-way van. Am interested in renting it out. What can I expect to earn?

    • GoCamp on

      Cynthia, it’s great to hear you’re thinking about renting out your camper van. Pleasure-Way vans are very popular! Earnings depend on several factors, such as location, nightly rate, availability, etc. Many van owners make $50k+ per year! We’ll contact you directly to share specifics related to your van and market. Stay tuned!

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