Golden State of Mind

Trip inspiration and photos by Carmen Chan.

Golden moments can happen just about anywhere, but they tend to happen in abundance on a California camper van road trip. Pick up a camper van rental in Los Angeles, like this Ford Transit 350 XLT and you’ll be reaping a harvest of golden moments from Monterey to Big Sur, with nuggets of wonder everywhere in between.

California Dreamin’

Spread your wings and find your socially distanced sense of adventure in the private space of your California camper van rental. You’ll have everything you need to tour the coastline or trek through the hills so that you can breathe easily, sleep peacefully, and make your own meals wherever and whenever your appetite asks for it!

Our favorite amenities in the van were the propane heater, the stove, and fridge that allowed us to cook most of our meals helping to minimize the amount of contact we would have getting takeout from restaurants.

Wide Open Spaces

Destinations like Muir Woods just north of San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, and Lake Tahoe are populous and popular during non-pandemic times and in spring and summer. But with a camper van like Adventure Out Loud, with room enough for a whole quaranteam or family, these notably stunning sites can be visited comfortably in fall and winter, where there are fewer folks, and far more campsites. Just make sure to know before you go, so you’re aware of any access limitations.

“It was really easy to social distance since we never visited any locations that were crowded. Even Muir Woods required an appointment to secure a parking spot and ensure the park was at a specific capacity.”

Head For The Hills

One of the less talked about destinations in the Golden State of California is the Alabama Hills, a formation of rounded rocks and eroded hills set between the sharp and jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a cinematic landscape located not in the state of Alabama, but in the state of Wonder.⁣

“We arrived after sunset and woke up to that view!” – Carmen

Room With A View

Individual and public health are of the utmost importance, so no matter where you roam, please be aware of current California state guidelines and campground closures. Some GoCamp camper vans come with a free membership to Harvest Hosts, a network that gives you access to free camping on vineyards, farms, ranches, even golf courses, so you can have a self-contained room with a view, wherever you park it.