Long-Term Camper Van Rentals

When regular life gives you lemons, try van life.

“I found myself in an unexpected and unique situation this fall — on a hiatus from work, my overpriced lease up for renewal, debt-free and on a profound grief journey during a global pandemic — it seemed the universe conspired with my dreams and was clearing a new path. I wasn’t quite ready to buy my own van in that time frame, so getting a long-term camper van rental for a month and taking notes became the golden plan.” – Leanna

More Than A Weekend, Not Quite A Way Of Life (Yet!)

Leanna needed a long-term camper van rental and stayed in the Ford E-250 custom camper van. She picked up her van in San Diego and then settled in to stay awhile with her two best friends by her side.

“I rented for 31 days. It felt like a perfect length of time to really settle into a routine of doing everyday life on the road with two dogs, while experiencing the full range of joy and challenges of it all. It was more of a long term vacation, but I often imagined what I’d need to run my business in that setting. Not needing a reliable connection or structure to my day was a real treat, but those elements would be very doable also.”

Should She Stay Or Should She Go?

A long-term camper van rental is the ultimate in transitional living. Everything is onboard, providing all the amenities of home for breakfast to bedtime snacking and everything in between. Pick a place to park it for a stretch, or point the headlights toward the horizon and find somewhere new. Be ready to be inspired to stay, as much as you’ll be inspired to keep going!

“Sedona was a last-minute addition — the hikes, people, and magical energy vortexes kept me there a week! My mom joined our circus from Salt Lake City to Denver. We experienced sleeping in single-digit temps in Wyoming and white-knuckling whiteouts in the Rockies.”

Things To Know Before You Get A Long-Term Camper Van Rental

If you’re going to be living on the road for awhile, it’s a good idea to take advice from others who have done a long-term camper van rental. A true lived experience isn’t always what pretty pictures on social media might suggest. Here are some of Leanna’s tips and insights from her month of living in a camper van:

1. Consider the type of camping you’re into (campgrounds vs. dispersed) and make sure it’s a vehicle you feel comfortable maneuvering.

2. Solar panels were a game-changer “to live off the grid,” and I was grateful to be able to grab any parking spot and easily three-point my way out of a wrong turn.

3. Don’t leave home without the iOverlander app downloaded. It’ll become your guide for all resources you may need along the way like safe spots to camp, shower, and catch WiFi.

4. Make sure your vehicle has tow straps. You just never know, and while AAA coverage is not always available, good samaritans with 4x4s usually are.

5. Consider your meals — if you cook every meal, you may want to rent a vehicle with a stove top for easy access. Camp stoves could prove to be cumbersome after a while.

6. Follow your heart. Listen to your gut. And choose trust over fear.

Interested In A Long-Term Camper Van Rental?

Email us at gocamping@gocamprentals.com and let us know your plans! We would love to help you find the perfect long-term camper van rental to be your home away from home.

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    I am considering a month long adventure for the month of June 2021 and wanted to find out more specifics. I would most likely be getting the van in either Portland or Denver.

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