celebrate new year's eve in a camper van

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a Camper Van

Yell ‘Happy New Year!’ from a Camper Van

Last year we had several people celebrate New Year’s Eve in a camper van. At the time we thought, “Gosh, that’s a good idea.” It seemed they were on to something. Bright stars against a dramatic night sky might be all the fanfare you need to ring in the new year.

John and Kelli celebrated New Year’s Eve in a camper van in Montana. John told us, “At midnight we threw our notes into the fire and popped a bottle of prosecco as an unexpected fireworks display bloomed from the town below. It was a pretty beautiful moment, and a wonderful way to bring in the first few minutes of the new year.” 

We bet.

Devin and Trianne went to the Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon. They rented a Vanagon Camper called Tumalo. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of Oregonthe Painted Hills, with their layers of red, yellow, gold, brown and black, represent millions of years of history. Given the way these hills mark time, Devin and Trianne rightly figured they would provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating the new year.