The view from the side of a white camper van that has its door open and pop top up, looking out through trees toward the ocean.

The Olympic Peninsula by Camper Van

Trip inspiration and photos by Aaron Wessling.

Take a camper van trip in Washington and you’ll be seeing green. Literally. Because green is everywhere! But perhaps nowhere in the Evergreen State can you be as immersed in a sea of iridescent, verdant, and lush rainforest than on the Olympic Peninsula.

Find Hygge In The Evergreen State

GoCamper Aaron and his Pandemic Pod picked up a Mercedes-Benz Metris camper in Seattle, and after a quick stop for groceries, made their way toward wider social distances on Whidbey Island.

For this trip we decided to pick up the van and head straight over to Whidbey Island for one night of camping, before catching the ferry to Port Townsend in the morning. We caught a nice day of weather and the ferry ride was beautiful, but (pro tip) make sure to reserve your spot on the ferry ahead of time if possible. We had to wait a couple hours for another ferry because we didn’t reserve in advance.

Rainforest Roaming

The Olympic Peninsula in Washington State is filled with surprises. Conifers dripping in sparkling mist, secret coves, pebbled beaches, and charming coastal towns that you’ll want to roll through, slowly.

We poked around the Port Townsend waterfront a bit; it’s an adorable town with tons of brick that feels straight out of New England with its abundance of brick buildings. From there we cruised a couple hours over to FairHolme Campground at Lake Crescent for the night. There’s only loop open during the fall, but cannot recommend this spot enough. Stunning lake surrounded by mountain lakes, large sites, and plenty of space to explore. Next day we headed down to Hoh National Forest for some hiking and set up camp there.

Wander Washington With Wheels

Cruising the Washington coast in a camper van means the freedom to safely and comfortably explore, no matter the season or the weather. Whether following your own wanderful whimsy or following trip trips from others, you’ll always have a cozy home on wheels to return to.

The last day we double back to Rialto Beach near Forks for lunch (highly recommend), and then drove down to make camp on the coast in Queets, after stopping to check out the Kalaloch Tree of Life (worth a visit).

Hygge is Here

Hygge is a quality of coziness, of conviviality, of wellness and contentment. So it’s the perfect name for a camper van that wants nothing more than provide all those things to people who want to roam freely, in comfort, and with peace of mind. Ready to find your hygge? Pick up a camper van in Seattle, WA, and not only will you find your hygge, but hygge will certainly find you, too.