Painted Hills Oregon

Ponder the Painted Hills

The perfect place to celebrate the new year

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of Oregonthe Painted Hills, with their layers of red, yellow, gold, brown and black, represent millions of years of history. Given the way these hills mark time, Devin and Trianne rightly figured they would provide the perfect backdrop for celebrating the new year. So on December 31st they headed off in the van called Tumalo.

The drive to the Painted Hills is magical

Devin and Trianne headed to the Painted Hills via 206 to the more scenic 19. The approach is magical. You’ll follow the John Day River as you enter the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Summer can be scorching. But a trip in the fall and winter has its own special rewards as the hiking, bird watching, and sunset viewing in the area are unparalleled.

For an adventure of your own any time of year, consider taking the Scenic Byway. The skies will seem huge. And the views will stretch for miles as you head along majestic rivers, through small rural towns, and over rolling hills. Better yet, bring bikes. Tumalo can be outfitted with a bike rack so you can travel some of the Byway using pedal power.