A blue camper van is parked near the beach with surfers in the background.

Don’t Rent A Car. Rent A Dream Come True!

Everyone wants to roll out of town! And apparently, they’re having a tough time finding the wheels for the rolling. There’s a shortage of rental cars, folks! In 2020 rental car companies sold off a good portion of their fleet to stay afloat as travel came to a halt. Now, as travel is picking up again, rental cars are apparently really hard to find.


People in a pinch have been shelling out big bucks in the game of high demand/low supply. Renting a convertible in Maui this past March might have run you upwards of $1,000/day! This situation sent many people toward the less-glamorous, and still costly, option of renting a U-Haul. Seems like life’s given travelers a whole lotta lemons … and we’re here to suggest, turn it into lemonade!

Planning a trip? Why rent a car (that might be hard to find and expensive) when you can rent a dream come true with a GoCamp camper van!

Car Rental$500a car that will take you places, IF you can find one
U-Haul$750um … you’ll get a moving truck
GoCamp$800a road-trip-ready camper van with everything you need except groceries


If you’re in planning mode for a summer vacation, figuring out all the logistics of how to get there, where you’ll stay, what you’ll need to bring, and whether or not you’ll be able to secure a rental car to get you from Point A to Point B, just remember this one thing: A GoCamp camper van is all of the things. It’s the wheels you need to get between A and B (and in a camper van you’ll likely enjoy the distance between points more). The comfy place to stay each night. And the fully-loaded cabin, beach house, or Airbnb of your dreams, with all the essentials, and added amenities. It’s camping made easy. And, we’re going to pat ourselves on the pop-top here: It’s far more fun than a rental car.

The van above could be your rental car. Except you could also stay in it. So… this could be your vacation.


GoCamp is adding more privately-owned camper vans in more cities all the time, meeting the demand for unique, comfortable, beautiful ways to travel and experience life, a mile at a time. We work with passionate van owners who invest time, resources, and a whole lotta love into their camper vans so that travelers can truly enjoy them, from the inside out. We haven’t yet met a rent-a-car option that does that. 😉

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