The Difference Between GoCamp, Outdoorsy and RVshare

Renting out your RV or camper van when you aren’t using it is a great way to make extra money. That’s right. You can turn your camper van or RV into a money-making asset and make as much as $50,000 a year by renting it out.

In the peer-to-peer RV rental model the RV owner sets the rental rates and terms, gets to use their RV whenever they want for personal use, and then rents it out when it would otherwise just sit idle in the driveway.

So with making money by renting out your RV or camper van as the primary goal, which of the various peer-to-peer rental platforms will earn you top dollar? And which will require the most work on your part?

RV and camper van owners who rent out their rigs on GoCamp do less and make more money than those who rent out their vehicles on the other big platforms. Yup.

Read on to understand the key differences between renting out your RV or camper van on GoCamp versus renting it out on Outdoorsy or RVshare.

Big Box or Boutique?

We think of the difference between GoCamp and Outdoorsy and RVshare as choosing between a Boutique site or a Big Box site. On a boutique site like GoCamp you are supported at every step of the way by friendly and knowledgeable staff who happen to also be van owners themselves. At GoCamp we will learn your name and have your back. We’ll also stay laser focused on making sure you meet your goals. On a big box site you’ll have a lot less support, with a 1-800 number to call if something goes wrong or you have a question.

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Big Box: Outdoorsy and RVshare

Go the Big Box route and your rig is going to be one among tens of thousands of listings. With so many listings for renters to wade through, you’ll need to work hard to make sure your RV doesn’t get lost or stuck in a traffic jam behind 100 other similar rigs. Be prepared to hustle and get high quality photos, price your rig competitively, respond to inquiries quickly to stay high in the search rankings, and set clear rental terms and policies. You’ll also need to consistently follow up for reviews at the end of every rental because positive reviews will drive your success.

The two Big Box options in the marketplace are very similar and offer everything from large motorhomes to Class B and Class C RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels, truck campers, camper vans, tear drop trailers and more. There is truly something for everyone here, though the quality of the vehicles and responsiveness of the owners varies widely.

Boutique: GoCamp

Go the Boutique route and a team of professionals will handle the marketing and administrative details so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. At GoCamp, that’s our specialty. Since our inception in 2017, GoCamp has become an industry leader in peer-to-peer camper van rentals. And as van owners ourselves, we’re laser focused on helping RV owners succeed.

We manage a curated fleet of Class B RVs and camper vans on our own website and Outdoorsy. RV owners using GoCamp’s services are still in the driver’s seat — setting their own prices and calendar availability – and get to use their RV whenever they want. And because GoCamp enjoys special pricing from Outdoorsy, RV owners can list just once through GoCamp and be marketed across both platforms, earning more money than by going it alone.

If you’d like to list your RV or camper van with GoCamp, you have different service level options to choose from. For most, either our GoCamp PRO or GoCamp LITE option is best. In fact, 90% of GoCamp van owners are in the GoCamp PRO program. Why? With a superior pricing structure, it’s the option that allows you to make the most money renting out your van.

Owner Fees

Whether you list your RV on GoCamp, Outdoorsy, or RVshare, you will pay a commission on every rental. GoCamp PRO owners pay a commission on the nightly rental rate only. When you go it alone on Outdoorsy or RVshare, they take their commission on the total booking. This distinction is very important.

In addition to the nightly rental rate, renters typically pay cleaning fees and extra charges for pets, or add-ons like a bike rack or surfboard. They also often incur mileage charges based on the number of miles they drove during the rental period. Those extra line items often add up to as much as a third of the total booking, which is why paying a commission on the total booking isn’t ideal.

Make the Most with GoCamp

RV owners in GoCamp’s PRO program can better predict how much money they’ll make on each rental because our commission is straight forward. We take a commission on the nightly rental rate only. 100% of any rental income for cleaning, add-ons and mileage charges goes to the RV owner.

And if you are in GoCamp’s PRO program, our superior pricing model applies regardless of which platform, GoCamp or Outdoorsy, generated the booking. You read that correctly! GoCamp’s van owner payment terms will override Outdoorsy’s when we are managing the listing for you.

How is GoCamp able to offer such great pricing to RV owners?

We’re a small and nimble team and our costs are simply lower than the bigger peer-to-peer platforms. We are strategically focused on a small subset of the overall RV marketplace — camper vans and Class B RVs — and able to fully leverage interest in #vanlife to our (and your) advantage.

OK, but why does GoCamp extend its pricing model to bookings on Outdoorsy?

Because we really want you to succeed. Plus, we’ve negotiated volume discounts that we pass along to GoCamp RV owners.

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