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Vanny McVanVan: Ford Transit


Vanny McVanVan: Ford Transit

YOU’LL BE A BIG FAN OF THIS VAN Vanny McVanVan is a Ford Transit camper van, custom built by Vanworks to be the best companion on your next #vanlife vacation! From bumper to bumper, Vanny is chock full of all the essentials necessary for a road trip you’ll never forget. This van seats and sleepsRead more >

SeaYa: Ford Transit AWD

SEAYA SOON! SeaYa is a stunning custom built Ford Transit camper van so luxurious that you might forget you’re actually camping in a van! This beautiful house on wheels is really a sight to behold and it’s sure to take you on the road trip of a lifetime. SeaYa seats a driver and one passengerRead more >

Vanadium: Ford Transit

YOU’LL BE IN YOUR ELEMENT WITH VANADIUM Custom built by the top-notch team at Vandoit in Kansas City this van is sleek, unique, and ready to take you on your next adventure! Vanadium can transport up to eight passengers and its ingenious design includes removable seats for maximized comfort and increased storage space making thisRead more >

Darth Vander: Ford Transit

WHEN THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE IS ACTUALLY GOOD… “No, I am your father van!” – Darth Vander The force is strong with this van; it is dark, sleek, and ready for adventure! Darth Vander was custom built by the incredible Vandoit team in Kansas City and this stellar camper van is ready to getRead more >

Adventure Van: Ford Transit 350

YOUR HOME IN MOTION Meet Adventure Van, a custom converted Ford Transit ready for the whole family. Finding a van that seats five and sleeps more is rare! From the roof top tent to the slide out bike rack, the hardest part of getting ready for your next trip will be herding together the wholeRead more >