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Manzanita: 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Manzanita: 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

MEDITATE IN MANZANITA Just like its beach town namesake, you’ll find peace and serenity in the van called Manzanita. And the Pacific Coast is an awesome destination, but you can go just about anywhere in this van with 4×4. Built by the team at Overland Van Project, using Zen Vanz bamboo cabinetry throughout, this customRead more >

Dream Surfer: 4×4 Winnebago Revel

TAKE YOUR DREAM VACATION IN DREAM SURFER If your idea of a dream vacation is getting away from your cares in the sweetest, got-all-the-bells-and-whistles kind of van, then you’ve found that van. Dream Surfer, a 2022 Winnebago Revel, is the one. Go far and wide with Dream Surfer’s 4×4 traction. This is a year-round, everRead more >

The Sally Ride: Storyteller Overland Classic MODE 4×4

THE SALLY RIDE PURRS LIKE A KITTEN AND ADVENTURES LIKE A TIGER Your snuggly, warm, roving home on the open road awaits. The Sally Ride, like her namesake the family cat, Sally, is full of personality. This 2021 Storyteller Overland Classic MODE 4×4 is a nimble, go anywhere, do anything, ready at a moment’s notice,Read more >

Canyon Beast: Storyteller Overland Beast MODE 4×4

Canyon Beast: Explore the Grandeur of it all This 2021 Storyteller Overland Beast Mode 4×4 is the ultimate go anywhere, do anything, ready at a moment’s notice kind of van. First, it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller. You’ll be talking about this van, and your vacation in it, long afterRead more >

Pearl: Dodge Sprinter

Rent Pearl, a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, out on the open road. Come nightfall, you’ll float off to sleep on Pearl’s pillow-top queen-size mattress (ahhh!).

Gualala the EcoSprinter: Dodge Sprinter

Head out on an Adventure in Gualala the EcoSprinter Our EcoSprinter is unique! Live-edge walnut countertop? Check! Aromatic cedar paneling over wool insulation? Check! Cork flooring? Check! Solar-panels, Li-Ion battery (200 AH) with 12V and 110 V electrical system plus shore power? Check! Rent this great vehicle for these and so many more “pride ofRead more >

Catalina: Toyota Hiace Camper Van

Catalina the Cruising Cabin Catalina the Cruising Cabin, aka “Catbus,” is a Toyota Hiace, right-hand drive camper van with pop-top, imported from Japan. If you are looking for a unique, leisurely and surprisingly fuel efficient getaway vehicle, Catalina is the van for you! She will not get you to your destination quickly, but she willRead more >

Hygge: Mercedes-Benz Metris Camper Van

Leave your Stress with Hygge Hygge (HEW-guh). It’s untranslatable into a single English word, but conceptually, hygge is a quality of coziness, of conviviality, of wellness and contentment. And that is our wish for you: May you find your hygge, or may hygge find you! 😊⁣ Hygge Van, a Mercedes Metris camper van, is theRead more >