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Gift Cards

Share the vanlife love with a gift card.

Wow, talk about a great gift! No really, they’ll be talking about it for years. Because when you gift an experience, well, it’s better than gifting a thing. Unless the thing is an experience, and then yup, you’re getting the hang of this.


GoCamp vans are as cozy as a cabin, and equipped with everything anyone would need to hop in and go. Who wouldn't want the freedom to roam with all the comforts of home!?

It is super easy to gift a GoCamp getaway to someone you love. Simply fill out the form below and we'll email you, or the gift card recipient, with instructions on how to book a GoCamp van using the gift card.

And yes, we think it is super reasonable that you offer to tag along when they take their trip. For sure!

Please note that gift certificate purchases are non-refundable.