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Top Tips for Safe and Fun Winter Camping

If you’ve never camped in the winter in a van, there are some things to know before you go! Read this blog to get the low down on staying safe and having fun on your winter adventures.

How to Harvest Your Own Christmas Tree

We tagged along with the Roberts family recently on a tree cutting adventure in the Siuslaw National Forest. Here’s everything you need to know about harvesting your own Christmas tree on public land.

Go Camping on Thanksgiving

Reimagine your holiday traditions and consider camping with friends and family this Thanksgiving. Nothing inspires awe and gratitude like time spent outdoors.

6 of the Best Warm Weather Camping Spots

Not ready to put away your t-shirts and sun hat? There are lots of great options in the U.S. for warm weather camping year-round. Check out our favorite six spots.

Leaf the Holidays to Us with These Fall Crafts

Our favorite fall crafts! If you have a camper van, with a little planning ahead, you can do these crafts in situ. And that seems like a lovely way to spend your time on a fall camping trip.

Queen Karen Retires

Karen Pederson, GoCamp’s first employee, retires. We love you Karen, we appreciate you, and we will see you down the road.