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View of the inside of a Vanagon Camper parked in the Columbia River Gorge



Road Trips for the Rock Stars

GoCamp has joined forces with over a dozen other camper van and jeep rental companies to give rock stars on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 a free road trip. We believe time spent in nature is going to be the perfect antidote. And because generosity is contagious too, we expect to have hundreds of free trips to give away.

GoWesty installs van upgrades

Our Favorite Van Upgrades

Everyone loves upgrades. Flying to the opposite coast and happy with your window seat? Well what if someone tapped you on the shoulder and said “Excuse me, would you like an upgrade to first class?” You would say yes. Because everyone loves upgrades, we’ve partnered up with TWO incredible companies to offer discounts on camper van upgrades for people who rent out their vans through GoCamp: Aluminess and GoWesty.

Love Songs To Drive For

Love is beautiful and complex, teeming with high notes and low notes, melodies and harmonies. Here’s to the love songs! And to driving into the sunset with someone you love.

GoCamp Van Owners Meeting

Van Owner Meetings

At the start of every year we host a van owner gathering so we can celebrate the past season and strategize on how to deliver the best possible customer experience in the next. We want to make sure everybody is enjoying the journey. Join us at an upcoming meeting to learn more about listing your van on GoCamp.

White Sprinter van in the Columbia River Gorge

Make Money with GoCamp

The #1 question van owners ask before listing their van on GoCamp is: “How much money will I make if I rent my van on GoCamp?” The short answer is that last year van owners in the GoCamp fleet made as much as $23,000 by renting their camper vans through GoCamp. Simply put, we turn driveway downtime into easy income.

How To Camp On Private Land

Camping on private land? That’s a thing? You bet your bumper it is. HipCamp is to private land camping what GoCamp is to camper van rentals. It’s a peer to peer model, with real, warm-blooded, happy-hearted humans making it happen by sharing their farms, vineyards, ranches, nature preserves, public sites, and private property with other happy campers who are looking for the best place to park it.

A person writes a list of what to pack.

What To Pack For Your Road Trip

What to pack, what to pack …. ugh. If only we could go on vacation without having the gut-wrenching feeling like something important has been overlooked in the packing process. Well, good news fellow adventurers! When you rent a camper van with GoCamp, we do most of the packing for you!

Winter Road Trip Tips

Don’t let summer have all the road trip fun! There’s a whole wintry world out there filled with open roads and chill vibes. Swap the flip flops for cozy slippers, and settle in for some winter road trip tips and inspiration in Oregon and California from GoCamper Nora Phillips.

Winter Road Trip Playlist

We have a new mix tape! Pop this into the dash (aka stream it on Spotify) and cruise into your winter adventures with these dreamy vibes. Thanks to friends and fans for helping us pull together another cruisin’ playlist!