GoWesty installs van upgrades

Our Favorite Van Upgrades

Everyone loves upgrades. Flying to the opposite coast and happy with your window seat? Well what if someone tapped you on the shoulder and said “Excuse me, would you like an upgrade to first class?” You would say yes. Taking your mountain bike in for a tune-up and the mechanic throws in an improved suspension system and new grips cause she knows you’ll love em. And you do. Because everyone loves upgrades. We sure do! We’ve partnered up with TWO incredible companies to offer discounts on camper van upgrades for people who rent out their vans through GoCamp: Aluminess and GoWesty.


Your beefcake beauty of a van is going to love what Aluminess has in store for you. These guys are pros at exceptionally functional products for Sprinters, Fords, Dodge ProMasters, etc. Bumpers, modular roof racks, surf poles, winch bars, swing arm bike racks, ladders, nerf bars, and tire racks aren’t just pretty in pictures, they allow for extra storage and off-road capability. So while your van might be getting all the attention with its purty new upgrades, it’s the van-life experience that’s getting the real upgrade. Upgrades like these mean added value for owners, and added incentive for renters. Visit Aluminess.com.


One of the most popular upgrades that GoWesty offers for VW camper vans is an Auxiliary Battery Kit. The Aux Battery is designed to charge a second deep cycle battery (located under the drivers’ seat) while the engine is running and isolate it when the ignition is off, so you can safely run your electrical devices without depleting the charge of the starting battery. SMART. Why? Because we plug in a lot of things!

We have a lot of VW vans in the GoCamp fleet, and just about ALL of them have enjoyed upgrades from GoWesty. A few words from Tumalo‘s owner, Aaron, “We have a mess of GoWesty parts on our van! I have a couple of favorites though. First are the steel bumpers. Not only are they super rugged, but they really look great! From a use perspective, sometimes it’s the little things. The gearshift extension is a great addition, makes shifting so much easier. After that would be the bomber window cranks. The new robust ones are fantastic and I no longer grate my knuckles across the speaker grills. Yay!” 🙌⁣⁣⁣⁣

See more on GoWesty.com.

Perked Up?

Van owners, what kind of upgrades have you been dreaming of? When you rent your van through GoCamp you can be making money to help pay for those dreamy upgrades, plus, we will directly connect you with our partners at GoWesty and Aluminess so that you can start taking advantage of your discount. It’s like a little tap on the shoulder, an invitation to join us in first class. Come on over. 🚐

Questions? Ideas? Ready to list? Reach out and let’s chat. We can talk camper vans allllll day.