Vans sleep four, but More Can Go Along for the Ride.

GoCamp’s camper vans sleep up to four people, with two in the pop top, and two down below on the fold down rear seat. Several of our vans can accommodate additional passengers with an added bench seat. Overflow tents and extra bedding are available as needed. We offer both the 'Camper' and 'Weekender' version of these vans.

Campers include a kitchen set up: sink, 12-gallon water tank, and a two-burner gas stove with either a small fridge or a small cooler for keeping your perishables cold. The front seats can swivel to face the back when parked.

Weekenders have space. Without the built-in kitchenette, you’ll have 2
additional rear facing (removable) jump seats, a larger sleeping area and a more flexible floor plan. Rest assured, we send you off with a fully-equipped exterior
kitchen set up and everything you'll need to cook.