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About GoCamp

Book a one-way road trip

One-Way Road Trip

Want to rent a camper van in Portland and drive down the coast via Highway 1 – stopping at every beautiful beach, tall tree, and awe inspiring sunset along the way – then fly home out of Los Angeles? Of course you do! Driving the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is a bucket list kind of adventure. GoCamp offers one-way rentals up and down the west coast.

OEN Pitchfest Winner: GoCamp

Our pitch

Good pitches start with a problem that has a solution. Here’s the start of our pitch at the Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s Pitchfest … “You are going camping this weekend and you are excited. But you are also already starting to dread the process of finding the tent, and the sleeping bags, and the cooler and then lugging all that gear into the car. What if instead …

How She Built This

The story of how Deborah Kane left a high-profile public policy role to create GoCamp, as reported by Oregon Business Magazine.

Make Camping Easy

Here we share the backstory and inspiration for how and why GoCamp was born. For those of you looking for an adventure, we’re here to help make camping easy. And for those of you with a well-maintained camper van, we’re here to help you earn a little extra money when you aren’t using your van. Welcome to GoCamp.