Andrew Bolton, pictured fishing above, was the first professional we worked with. Andrew rented a special lens for his shoot with us so we loved him immediately. Andrew is the brilliance behind Murmur Creative, so if you need a website, or a logo, or anything at all creative and true to you, definitely be in touch with Murmur.


We first met Uncage the Soul Productions when they took the van called Mr. Mike to the Alvord Desert and returned with some of the most gorgeous images we've ever seen. We have tons of respect and admiration for this crew. John Waller and his partner Ben Canales know Oregon and its many treasures like nobody else. For any of your film or video needs, or to spend an hour watching great stories, please check out Uncage the Soul Productions.


We actually said NO when Devin Tolman first reached out and asked if he could take out a van for 10 days in the middle of the summer. (That's prime rental season!) But Devin was persistent and thank goodness he was! He and Trianne Hobbs have become good GoCamp friends. This February they'll be headed down to Yosemite in a GoCamp van with hopes of documenting this year's "Fire Falls." We hope he gets that shot!! 


Road Trip Tested: We recently partnered with the great folks at Mountain House and loaded up a GoCamp van with groovy gear to put it to the test. Participating brands included Orion Coolers, Solo Stove, Coffee Wick, and Teton Sports. One lucky raffle winner walked away with a bunch of camping gear and a free GoCamp rental all valued at over $1800. Participating brands got great exposure and 1,000s of new customer email addresses, because Kelli Martinelli at Mountain House is a genius.


Tyler Fields will always have a special place in our hearts because he got engaged in one of our vans while doing a photo shoot for us! But don't worry, we don't expect engagements from everyone. Though our vans really can be romantic, and great for wedding shoots!


Shawn Linehan did some early work with GoCamp and will forever be on the list of 'go to' photographers. We worked with Shawn a ton in our pre-GoCamp past. In fact, Shawn flew across the country with us one year to photograph First Lady Michelle Obama planting her White House Kitchen Garden. Shawn thinks she still owes us for that; but really she doesn't!

The Company We Keep

... have a collaboration in mind? Give us a call. 



When Giovanni Lanni called we were immediately intrigued. He said he and his partner Francisco Lisci were coming to town to shoot video of a professional white water kayaker. Being huge fans of the sport ourselves, he had us at "white water...". If you are a kayaker, YES is always the answer. Alternatively, if you are as hard working, ambitious and motivated to get every last shot for GoCamp as Francisco and Giovanni were (thanks you two!!), then yes will be the answer.


We were introduced to the concept of #clickinmoms by our friend Natalie Gildersleeve when she took her beautiful family out on a road trip to Eastern Oregon. Since then we’ve been following #wildandbravelittles and #pixel_kids and #magicofchildhood and have been blown away by the talent out there documenting #thefamilynarrative. If you are a 📷#cameramama and would like to help us document some #parenthood_moments while experiencing #vanlife, please be in touch.


NorthisDown were the first "lifestyle influencers" we worked with so we'll always be grateful to Lisa and Guillaume for patiently explaining to us what an influencer was and why we'd want to know a few.