Fan Mail


"I can't think of a better way to explore the Pacific Northwest. This van had it all, including great coffee! We went out in the fall and we were cozy and warm all cuddled up in Pendleton blankets feeling sorry for people in tents. Can't say enough good things about this camper van experience. We'll definitely do it again. Thanks Pat and Jody!!" - Guillaume (in Tla-na-na)

"Mr. Mike is well-equipped and very comfortable. He had no trouble keeping up with the other cars on the road, even over mountain passes. Chris (the owner) was very friendly and gave us a thorough run-down on how things work and where everything is stored." - John (in Mr Mike)

"We rented Maupin, the Vanagon Camper, for five days and had a great experience. The van is in amazing condition and the owner couldn't have been nicer and more helpful - not only in how he'd equipped the van for our comfort and convenience but also by offering a wealth of information on the van and our itinerary. The only downside was our own fault - we tried to do too much, go to too many places. The point being: slow down, take it easy, and just enjoy the unique experience of camping in one of these cool vintage vans. The process of booking and the support from the office was clear, direct and timely - we had no problems - but I have the feeling that if anything went wrong on the trip they would have been right on top of it. It's a cool experience.                 Have fun!" - David (in Maupin)

"This was our first time renting a camper van and we had a blast! We loved that we still had a tent if we felt like setting it up but we mostly slept in the van because we had long fishing days. It gave us a new kind of mobility and flexibility that allowed us to see so much more of this beautiful state. The van came with everything that we needed on the trip. It's the perfect size and we were able to easily park where ever we needed. We rented for an entire week and never had to fill up the water nor did we have issues with propane or battery. Thanks for such a great experience and we look forward to renting again!" - Sabrina (in Sellwood Sweetie)

We loved our time with Mr. Mike! This van is outfitted with everything you need to have a great time exploring the Pacific Northwest. We flew in from out of state, so it was helpful to have all our camping needs combined in the Westy. The mobility really made our time in Oregon feel like an adventure more than trip!"     - Rachel (in Mr Mike)

"My best friend and I rented Tilly Jane for a few days get-away in the Olympic Peninsula. The rental experience was easy and pleasant. Chris was super easy to work with and vacationing in a Eurovan was so much fun! The only thing I'll do differently next time is rent for more days - four just wasn't enough!"    - Morgan (in Tilly Jane)

"Tilly Jane is the sweetest van ever. The owner has outfitted this van with every little thing you could possibly need, including a collection of vintage enamel ware that just screams "camping!" We had an absolute blast in this van. It drives really well, is super quiet on the highway, and the ac blows cold."     - Zoe (in Tilly Jane)

"As we prepare for our final leg back to Portland, we have been reflecting on the gift of the last week. A big thank you to Christophe and Lori for being the best hosts ever, and for all the special details that come with the Big Zip, especially the stereo with sub-woofer and the mood lanterns."     - David, Sarah and Chelsea (in Big Zip)

"It was an amazing experience! The Vanagon was equipped with many little extras that made our trip perfect. It ran well, was clean and comfortable! Would do it again any time!"     - Desmond (in Maupin)

"This Eurovan was SO great! My husband and I drove down the Oregon coast and into the Redwoods and it was so easy to park anywhere for the night. We got tons of envious looks and compliments on the van. :) Deborah, the owner, was so great to deal with. We would definitely rent again!"     - Jennifer (in the Rogue)

"Everything was provided down to the last detail, and the van was sweet too. This is a fantastic service. Thank you for helping our family to have a great vacation!"     - Sarah (in Big Zip)

"A well stocked camper van. It was the perfect fit for our week of adventuring in Oregon."     - Dan (in Tilly Jane)

"The customer service was amazing, super helpful and quick. Also the ease of renting, picking up and dropping off was top notch. This was one of our best vacations ever. The ease of renting, coordinating the pick up and having it fully stocked (just needed our clothes and food) made this trip so memorable. We can not say enough good things about our experience and have already been trying to figure out when we can take our next vacation with GoCamp."      - Vanessa (in the Rogue)

"Everything about this experience was terrific - and SO EASY. We've always been tent campers, which we love, but it's also a lot of work! We decided last minute to go adventuring over Memorial Day weekend and we were lucky enough to score Mt Hood, the Vanagon Weekender for the trip. The first real sunny weekend in Oregon this year - no campground reservation - crazy, right? Not at all. We felt like a couple of spontaneous college kids on the open road. We packed a bag, pointed ourselves west toward the Coast and headed out. Mt Hood's owner challenged us to find one thing he hadn't thought to include in our camping supplies - and we couldn't do it. Every kitchen item, bedroll, lanterns, camp chairs, cleaning supplies, emergency items - even a chilled bottle of Cava & chocolate (for our campfire). Thanks Go Camp!"      - Stephanie and David Swanson (in Mt Hood)

"We'd definitely recommend GoCamp. There's something really fun about heading out in a van. Also, people talk to you!  Weheard a great story from an old hippie about the van he used to love."  - Remy (in the Rogue)

"I can't say enough good things abut renting a van from GoCamp. The driver's manual answered all my questions before I even had them. The van was super clean and tidy and stocked with treats. And my kids started crying when I told them we had to give the van back to Deborah. It was altogether a wonderful experience for our family." - Michelle (in the Grand Ronde)

"Top bunk. Waaaay cool." - Theo, age 4 (seconds before falling asleep in the Grand Ronde)

"GoCamp ROCKS. My daughter and I had a blast. VW's allow such spontaneity and flexibility in camping -- and they're so. much. fun. to. drive! Who knew?! "  - Tom D. (in Mt Hood)

"My family of six had the BEST time! We squeezed four kids and two adults into the Mount Hood van, but a family of five would fit easily. There'd be plenty of space for four adults if that's your configuration. The Mount Hood was immaculate, very well-stocked, and super fun to drive with its manual stick shift. The engine was solid and reliable. For me, it was romantic with the old fashioned hand cranked windows and the giant steering wheel (swoon!). The owners literally thought of everything a person might need while camping - bedding, chairs, portable table, camp stove, cork screw, cooking supplies, even basics like olive oil, salt, and coffee. The set up was super easy. Any questions we had were readily answered via the GoCamp manual provided for us. GoCamp makes it possible to pack a bag and roll. It's THAT easy. Highly recommend!" - Shannon (in Mt Hood)