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Answers to Your Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. Don’t see the answer to your burning question? No worries. Send an email to and we’ll reply promptly.


Are you taking extra precautions and/or have you developed special COVID-19 policies? 

Yes. Please see our COVID-19 Safe Travel page.

Payments and fees

When is payment due? Is there a down payment?

You pay 50% of the total rental fee at the time of booking. You pay the remainder 14 days before the rental begins, or, if booking with less than 14 days to go, at the time of booking.

Do I pay tax or other fees?

Whether you pay taxes is dependent on local rules in the area where you rent your van. For example, those who rent from Multnomah County, Oregon will pay a 17% rental car tax. A 12.5% service fee that covers administrative costs is assessed on all rentals.

What’s the security deposit?

Two days before your trip begins, we will place an authority to charge (usually $1000 – $1500 depending on the van) on the credit card on file. This is not actually a charge; no funds will leave your account.

When will the authority to charge be released?

Upon your return, we deduct costs for minor damage, as relevant, and applicable fees (fuel, mileage charges, etc.) and remove the authority to charge on your card. This typically takes place within seven days of your return.

Does pricing vary by season? 

Yes. High season runs from May 1 – September 30, and low season runs from October 1 – April 30. Though it varies by van, high season rates are about 20% greater than low season rates. For an accurate estimate, simply plug your dates into the reservation system and we’ll generate a quote for you.

Is there a minimum number of nights I need to rent the van?

Yes, minimum rental periods in the low season are typically two to three nights depending on the van, while high season minimums are generally three to five nights. Check individual listings for more information on minimum rental periods.

Do you offer discounts for longer trips?

Give us a call to discuss your trip. It varies by van, but we are often able to offer discounts on trips greater than 10 or 14 days. Looking for inspiration? Check out Leanna Trombino’s 31 night trip.

Do you offer a military discount?

GoCamp offers a 10% military discount off the base rental rate to all military families in honor of our friend Dave Kersey. Please let us know if you are an active duty member or veteran so we can say thank you with a discount code.

Do you offer other discounts?

Yes, every now and then we issue coupon codes. Make sure to join our mailing list (see the footer below) so you don’t miss out on GoCamp news and offers.

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Cancellations and Changes

If we have to cancel, do we get our money back?

Standard cancellation policy: You can reschedule your trip with no penalty. You can cancel your reservation for a full refund, less a 5% service fee, up to 14 days prior to the rental. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the rental, you will receive a refund for 50% of the rental fee. Cancellations must be made in writing. We are unable to offer refunds for shortened trips if for some reason (e.g. weather, change in schedule) you return the vehicle early. If we cancel the reservation you will receive a full refund. For COVID-19 related cancellations, see our COVID-19 Safe Travel page.

One-way trip cancellation policy: You can cancel your reservation for a full refund, less a 5% service fee, up to 30 days prior to the rental. If you cancel 15 – 29 days prior to the rental, you will forfeit 100% of the one-way fee and receive a full refund on the remaining reservation line items, less a 5% service fee. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the rental, you will forfeit 100% of the one-way fee and receive a refund for 50% of the remaining rental fees. Cancellations must be made in writing.

If we end our trip early, do we get a refund for unused nights?

We don’t give refunds for unused nights because your reservation made the van unavailable for other renters.

Can I extend my rental while on the road?

It’s easiest to make changes to your reservation before you depart, but if you find yourself out there having so much fun you never want to come home, give us a ring and we’ll see if we can extend your rental.

Does GoCamp ever cancel reservations?

Only when safety concerns force us to do so. At our discretion, we may determine that the rental would not be safe (e.g. a renter shows up intoxicated, a hurricane is expected along the coast and you are determined to go surfing, etc.). If we cancel the reservation, you will receive a full refund.

Does the weather ever affect reservations?

We generally do not issue refunds due to bad weather. If we are expecting extreme weather during your reservation (e.g. 10 feet of snow, biblical rain that creates flooding) we will work with you to reschedule your reservation to another time.

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Insurance and Roadside Assistance

Can I use my own insurance or do I have to buy yours?

Because peer-to-peer rentals have their own unique insurance requirements, purchase of GoCamp’s insurance is mandatory. Our insurance provides $1 million in liability coverage to you and the van owners. Comp and collision coverage of up to $200,000 is also included. Insurance coverage is $39.50/day for most rentals, and $49.50/day for our premium camper vans.

Am I required to purchase roadside assistance?

Most GoCamp van owners require that you have a roadside assistance policy in place that covers camper vans during your rental. If you don’t already have your own, we make 24-hour roadside assistance available for $15 a day. Coverage includes unlimited: towing, flat tire assistance, emergency fluids delivery, battery boost, and a mobile mechanic.

Can I use my own policy for roadside assistance?

Yes, provided your policy provides comparable coverage. For comparable coverage, we’re looking for 1) RV towing and 2) towing distance of 100+ miles. If your policy provides the same, we can waive our roadside assistance charge. Just send us proof of your policy. And for longer rentals, it might be more cost-effective to upgrade your policy to one that’s comparable with our coverage.

Mileage, Gas, Propane and Off-Grid Camping

How many miles are included in my rental?

125 miles per day is included in every rental. Additional miles are charged at 35 – 50 cents per mile depending on the vehicle. For example, on a four-night rental, you will have 500 free miles. If you traveled 600 miles, at 35 cents a mile you would pay an additional $35 at the end of your trip. A 12.5% service fee is also applied to mileage charges.

What are post trip charges?

After you return the van you may incur “post trip charges.” These are typically things like mileage charges, extra hours fees, refueling charges, etc. A 12.5% service fee will apply to all post trip charges.

Do I have to refill the gas tank?

Yes, please fill up the tank before you return the van. Alternatively, you will pay a refueling fee of $9/gallon. Your van will have a full tank when you pick it up, so you’re only paying for the fuel you’ve used.

What about propane? (What’s propane for, anyway?)

If you’re renting a Vanagon/Eurovan camper with a kitchen, your van will have a full tank of propane when you pick it up. Propane powers your stovetop, and often your heater and refrigerator, too. The full tank that’s included is usually sufficient for the duration of your rental. If your propane needs exceed one full tank, you are responsible for purchasing additional propane. You’ll want to carefully follow the detailed instructions in the van’s binder for refilling propane; you will be responsible for any damages to the propane system caused by improper filling! You do not need to return the vehicle with a full propane tank.

How long can I be camping off the grid? How long do things like propane and the van’s battery last?

The answer to this question varies by van. Check individual listings and/or let us know if you have questions about a specific van.

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One-Way Travel plus Travel Restrictions

Do you offer one-way rentals?

Yes! Who wouldn’t want to pick up a camper van in Portland and drive down the coast via Highway 101, stopping at every beautiful beach, tall tree, and awe-inspiring sunset along the way, then fly home out of Los Angeles? See more about our one-way program here.

Can I take a GoCamp van anywhere? 

Individual van owners designate approved ranges for their van. Some will let you go all the way across the US, others prefer that you stay on the west coast. Check individual listings for more information on approved travel ranges.

Can I travel to Canada?

Check individual listings for travel restrictions specific to the van, but in general yes, our insurance coverage is valid in Canada.

Can I travel to Mexico?

No. Unfortunately, our insurance coverage is not valid in Mexico.

Can I travel to Burning Man?

Burning Man sounds amazing, but generally no. Because of the damage that the playa dust can wreak on engines, if you take a GoCamp van to Burning Man you will forfeit your entire security deposit and additional fines of up to $5,000 may apply (yikes!). We can’t say it enough: Do not go to Burning Man in a GoCamp van.

Can I go to music festivals?

Yes. Don’t be fooled by our Burning Man policy. We love music festivals and think camper vans are the best way to experience them.

Can I travel off-road?

We want you to go have the adventure of your life, but, do not take the vans off-road. If you do venture off-road, you will be responsible for all damages to the vehicle and all costs associated with any necessary towing or other expenses that result from your breaking this very important rule.

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Age restrictions, international drivers and driver background checks

How old do you have to be to rent a van?

Drivers must be at least 25 years of age. We reserve the right to cancel any booking made by renters under the age of 25 if you didn’t first receive explicit permission to book.

My driver’s license is from a country other than the United States. Can I rent a GoCamp van?

Yes, we’re happy to rent to international drivers! You may be asked to provide additional documentation (e.g. passport, international driver’s permit, etc.). The documentation required varies per individual, so we won’t know what’s needed until you book. Usually, uploading an image of your driver’s license and passport will suffice.

Do you do background checks?

We do a DMV check on all drivers to ensure you meet minimum requirements. If you’ve had two or more major moving violations or any DUIs in the past, you will be denied access to renting. If you fail the DMV check you will receive a full refund. Your license must be valid throughout the duration of your rental.

How many drivers can I register to drive the van?

As many as you’d like!

What does the Safe Driver fee cover?

The Safe Driver fee covers costs to verify drivers and includes insurance coverage for the day of departure.

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Pet Policy, smoking policy

Do you allow pets in the vans?

Yes, see individual camper van profiles for specifics on pets. Some van owners allow them, others do not. A standard $125 fee will be applied if pets are allowed.

Can I smoke in the van?

Please do not smoke cigarettes, tobacco, marijuana or anything else in the vans. If we find evidence of smoking inside the van, you may be subject to a fine of up to $200.

Rental Period + Pick Up and Drop Off

Do you rent by the day or by the night?

We rent by the night. The rental period is generally considered to be 24 hours. If you pick up the van at 10 am, you will be expected to return it by 10 am.

How does pick up and drop off work?

There is no set pick up and drop off time, though we prefer pick up and drop off to happen between the hours of 9 – 5. You’ll make arrangements suited to your needs and schedule with individual van owners. As noted above, the rental period is generally considered to be 24 hours. If you pick up the van at 10 am, you’ll be expected to return it by 10 am.

Most van owners can accommodate requests for extra time. For every hour beyond the 24 hour time period, we charge $20/hour. If not arranged in advance, the fee will be deducted from your security deposit. Want to pick up in the morning but drop off in the evening? (Who wouldn’t want to make the most of their time in a van!) You can add a half day charge, prices vary by van, when completing the reservation online.

Do you offer airport pick up and drop off?

Some van owners do, yes. Check individual listings for more information.

What do I need to do before returning the van?

Before returning the van you should spend some time doing a quick clean. We know you are going camping, and therefore expect the van might have some sand or pine needles in it, but we ask that you empty all trash, clean all dishes, wipe down counters, and remove your leftover food. The van should be returned largely in the condition it was received. If the van is returned with dirty dishes, trash, and/or is super dirty (our discretion), the van owner may assess a fine of up to $200. Understanding that the van you are renting is cherished by its owner, it is best if you treat the van as if it were your own.

Where are the camper vans located?

Because each van on the GoCamp website is owned by an individual, each van is available for pick up at a different location. Check the map on individual van profiles for a sense of where the van is located. You’ll be sent the van’s specific address once you have completed your reservation.

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Traveling as a family

Are the vans family friendly?

YES! Our vans are very family friendly.

Which vans are best for families?

All of the makes and models we offer are good for families. But start by searching for vans that seat more than two people so that everyone you are traveling with has a seat belt.

Will my child’s booster seat fit in the van?

In most cases yes but please check with us if you have questions about the appropriateness of a specific van.

Best time to make a reservation

Should I book in advance or can you accommodate last minute requests?

Yes to both! For peak summer months, to ensure you get the exact dates and the exact van you fell in love with, it is best to book early. To beat the crowds, note that many people start booking summer adventures in January and February. That said, because our fleet is relatively large, we can often accommodate last minute requests.