Road Trips for the Rock Stars

Free road trips to first responders

Doctors. Nurses. Paramedics. Sanitation crews. Fire fighters. Police. Public health officials running the numbers. Mayors making the hard calls. Landlords waiving rent payments.

Your brother who sewed 200 masks. The grocer delivering food to your elderly neighbor’s door. The pen pals sending letters to strangers so they don’t feel alone. The school food service manager who knew kids would still need meals.

We think of these people as rock stars. Because we know time spent in nature will be the perfect antidote when the worst of this pandemic is behind us, we’re giving away free road trips through a new initiative called Road Trips for the Rock Stars.

We’re joined by fellow camper van rental companies who share the same goal. To date we’ve raised over 500 free nights in a camper van or jeep. That’s over 150 free three-night trips!

Know someone who might need to rest and recuperate when this is behind us? Ready for a break yourself? Sometimes having something to look forward to is as important as the thing itself.

Give yourself, or a rock star, something to look forward to by:

  1. Making a contribution of just $25 or more to the Road Trips for the Rock Stars Fund.
  2. Nominating a rock star in your community to receive a free road trip.
  3. Making a deposit on your own trip to be taken sometime in the future. When you do, we’ll apply a 20% discount to your trip and add more nights to the Fund.

If you take any of the three actions above, please know that you too are a rock star in our book!

6 comments on “Road Trips for the Rock Stars

  1. Rose on

    Nominating myself. I am a NICU nurse. I travel to impacted locations throughout the year and fill in staffing gaps and take care of my patients.

  2. Olivia Sutton on

    My sister Olivia has been my hero my whole life, but now she is stepping up to be one of the world’s heroes in fighting this invisible war. As her family, we all selfishly wish she could be safe at home, quarantine-ing with her husband and her cats. But, we all know that her knowledge and training are far too valuable to go to waste right now. While she may be scared, she’s bravely going to work each day, working 12-18 hour shifts as a resident ICU physician — the closest it gets to the front lines of this war. She puts her whole heart into caring for her patients, exhausting her mind and body. However, she still manages to come home each night and somehow musters the energy to play virtual Pictionary with her family via FaceTime and visit my Animal Crossing island. She’s my hero.

  3. Regina Palmieri on

    I’d like to nominate my Rock Star husband! He’s a regional director for a logistics company that delivers pharmaceuticals and auto parts. Very essential, especially these past few months, but very under the radar and under-appreciated. He is literally what keeps the meds delivered to pharmacies, delivered to nursing homes, specimens picked up and delivered to labs so patients can get their results, gets those car parts delivered to the auto parts shops to keep the essential workers on the road. But everything he does is behind the scenes. No one sees all the time he puts in, all the stress he’s had with all the change that has come with COVID, the late night phone calls because a driver didn’t show up, or a driver tested positive. I see it. I hear it in his voice – he works from home, so I hear it all. I worry that the stress will affect his health. It is that bad. He definitely can use some time away to recuperate after all this. We actually had a nice 4 day Caribbean vacation planned to celebrate our 30th anniversary in July that we just had to cancel because it doesn’t look like it will be safe to travel to Barbados yet. This would be a welcome surprise for him!

  4. Marco Cota on

    My sister Kassandra Cota is a Registered Nurse who volunteered to work with covid-19 patients. She’s been working 5 12+ hour shifts per week. I know she could definitely use a little relaxing trip. She’s a huge nature lover who loves the outdoors.

  5. Jessica Aceves on

    I,d like to nominate my firefighter husband who has been working around the clock due to this pandemic. He is sleep deprived and needs a vacation. Now that things are finally getting a little better, I know he would love to have a weekend getaway somewhere by a lake or river.

  6. Alison Woods on

    Nominating myself, an RN, who has continued to work during the pandemic to get patients ready for much needed surgeries, while balancing homeschooling kids at home. It was (is) crazy!!


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