GoCamp Gift Guide

Tis the season for an inbox filled with a gift guide from every brand you’ve ever known! So we’ll keep ours itty bitty. Here are our top gift picks for van-lifers, campers, and road-trippers!

1. More Experience, Less Stuff

Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they see you’ve given them a couple of nights in a GoCamp camper van! It’s the gift of experience, of something to look forward to and something to look back upon. It’s memories, laughter, singing along loudly to the perfect roadtrip playlist, and pulling over wherever whimsy beckons. Sounds pretty dreamy, right? Contact us and we’ll get you set up so you can give a GoCamp experience to someone you love.

2. Games!

Good old fashioned card games are our favorite for stuffing stockings and making memories. We pulled together a list this summer of the best games to play while camping, like UNO Wilderness edition, and Toasted or Roasted, and (of course), Bananagrams. Batteries and wi-fi connection not required. Prices vary.

3. Gourmet S’mores

Who doesn’t love the gooey goodness of this quintessential campfire classic?! We’ve got small batch, scratch-made s’mores. We’re talking melt-in-your-mouth vanilla-bean marshmallows sandwiched between artisan graham crackers with decadent chocolate. [insert drooling here] $18/kit. Contact us for a GoCamp s’mores kit; they are perfect stocking stuffers, especially when combined with a gift certificate for a GoCamp camper van rental.

4. Revel Gear Camping Lights

We are huge fans of these 30′ lights from Revel Gear. They’re USB-powered, so you can plug them in to a portable power source for brilliant and fun illumination wherever adventure takes you. String them up inside or outside for ambient lighting with multiple dimmer options. $24.99 – $29.99.

5. AeroPress Coffee Maker

“Coffee coffee coffee coffee.” That universally translates to “Good morning!” Which is why we simply must include coffee in the GoCamp Gift Guide! When you rent with GoCamp your van will include the necessary means to brew up the perfect cup, but for those other times when you’re not in a GoCamp van, we think an AeroPress is a brilliant way to greet the day. When you put an AeroPress and a bag of your favorite brew in someone’s stocking, it will universally translate to hugs. 😊 $29.95.

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