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Woman looks at the Sawtooth Mountain range in Stanley Idaho from a vintage VW camper van

Two Listings

GoCamp Works With Outdoorsy

GoCamp is a west coast favorite for renting camper vans. Outdoorsy is one of the largest RV sharing sites in the marketplace. GoCamp van owners get maximum exposure because we seamlessly publish their van’s listing on both sites.

The math works in your favor. When you list on GoCamp you double your exposure, quadruple your rentals, and make way more money. So van owners, you totally could go it alone on one of the bigger RV sharing sites, but why would you? 🤔

Raising the bar

“We love what GoCamp has done with Outdoorsy’s professional fleet management tools. They’ve really built a brand that renters trust. GoCamp has more five star reviews than almost any other user; GoCamp’s presence on the Outdoorsy platform is raising the bar.”

Jen Young, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Outdoorsy

Double Your Exposure

When you list your van on GoCamp, we create an identical profile on Outdoorsy. The two listings are synched; the calendars automatically update when a reservation is made on either platform. You get the same great payout terms regardless of where the reservation was generated.

GoCamp provides the insurance, handles the payments and paperwork, and responds to renter inquiries generated on both sites.

Less work for you. More exposure. More rentals. Better payment terms. More income in your pocket!

Quadruple Your Rentals

Using this double listing approach GoCamp has booked thousands of rentals for camper van owners. The majority of these rentals came directly from the GoCamp website. If you are going it alone you are missing out on tons of rentals!

Why? Better brand alignment. Renters who want a nimble camper van get overwhelmed by the sea of motorhomes they encounter on the bigger sites. The GoCamp brand more closely aligns with the #vanlife vibe these renters are seeking.

Check out the vans currently in our fleet and you'll see what we mean!

Make More Money

You'll keep a bigger share of the total rental amount when you list on GoCamp. Why? Because you only pay commission on the base rental amount, regardless of which site generated the booking.

On the bigger sharing sites you pay commission on the entire rental, including the add-ons. With GoCamp you get 100% of the “extras such as mileage charges, bike racks, stand up paddle boards, pet fees, cleaning fees, etc.

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GoCamp provides amazing customer service

“I know that in order to stay high in search rankings, you have to be very responsive to inquiries on your listing. I just don't have time to constantly respond to questions from potential renters. That's where GoCamp comes in. They are super responsive and provide amazing customer service. It's a perfect arrangement. I take over when it is time to hand over the keys (and cash the checks!). ”

Duke, Owner of the van called Maupin
Bookings one after another

“I listed my van on Outdoorsy but struggled to make it stand out in the crowd. Then I joined the GoCamp fleet; I figured the more exposure, the better. GoCamp helped me update my listing, scheduled a photo shoot, and bookings started coming in one after another. I highly recommend GoCamp. It makes the renting process a lot easier and much more profitable than going it alone on the big sites.”

Matt, Owner of the van called Van Morrison

Ready to Start Making Money?

Ready to list on GoCamp and turn your camper van into a money making asset? We get it. We are van owners. We'll support you every step of the way!

When you sign up to list your van on GoCamp you'll have the option of choosing between our GoCamp PRO program and our GoCamp LITE program. 90% of RV and camper van owners choose GoCamp PRO. Head to the List Your Van page to find out why.