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How it Works

GoCamp vans are available for pick up in Bend, Salem and Portland, Oregon and (new in 2018) select locations in California, giving you access to the best of the west. Want to rent a van? Everything you need is included - bedding, kitchen and cookware, camp chairs, and more. We’ve packed it all in so you can pack in the fun. Own a van and want to rent it out? We're always adding new vans to the fleet, be in touch!



It's really simple. You select and schedule a camper van, then make arrangements to pick it up from its local owner.


Then you get to start planning your trip. You'll get a detailed list of everything that is included in the van, as well as an orientation on how to operate and care for all the van's features.

Go Camp!

Next you head out on your adventure! When you're done, return the van to its owner and share some stories from the road.

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Few things are more satisfying, more soul enriching, or more fun than an epic camping trip. Even better? Taking one in a fully outfitted camper van. 



What's Included?

GoCamp vans are ready to hit the road. All you have to bring is yourself and a sense of adventure.


Eat & Drink

Plates, bowls, mugs, cups, wine glasses, silverware, etc. It's all there, plus a few local treats.



Pots, pans, kettle, mixing bowls, colander, cutting board, good sharp knives, grater, coffee press, etc. Everything you’d expect, and much more, is included.



Vans have bedding for four people - either in the form of sleeping bags or sheets and comforters - with four pillows. Four towels are also provided.



A small camp table, four camp chairs, two headlamps and various other camping items are included.


Special Features

All GoCamp camper vans have the basics above, and each van also has its own unique features. You’ll be sent a detailed list of all the items included in the van before your trip so you can plan accordingly. And you can also always add extras like a bike rack, roof box, etc.


How many people can fit?


GoCamp’s camper vans generally sleep up to four people, with two in the pop top, and two down below on the fold down rear seat. Several of our vans can accommodate additional passengers with an added bench seat. Overflow tents and extra bedding are available upon request.  

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" All you have to bring is yourself and a sense of adventure. "


Let's talk!

We’re currently accepting reservations for 2018 and have vans available for pickup in Bend, Salem, and Portland, Oregon and select locations in California. Reserve your GoCamp camper van today.

List Your Van

We are also currently accepting new listings for the 2018 season. Listing your camper van on GoCamp is FREE. See List Your Van for more information.