White camper van parked on private land with pop top roof expanded

How To Camp On Private Land

Camp on Private Land

Camping on private land? That’s a thing? You bet your bumper it is. Hipcamp is to private land camping what GoCamp is to camper van rentals. It’s a peer-to-peer model, with real, warm-blooded, happy-hearted humans sharing their farms, vineyards, ranches, nature preserves, public sites, and private property. How to camp on private land? Just pull out that computer in your back pocket and open the Hipcamp app. You’re already on your way!


Whether you’re a tent camper looking for a home base for other adventures, or you’re a van-lifer looking for a place to park it for a night or two, just search the Hipcamp app or website.

Are you looking for camping, glamping, RVing, beach camping, or lake camping? Do you want to search by National Park or by proximity to a certain city or inside a particular state? You can expand or narrow your search as much as you want. It has never been easier to camp on private land.


The people who list their private properties on Hipcamp tend to be folks who love the outdoors, love to camp, and love to create a space to connect with others who love to do the same. Like Ruth here. Ruth has a beautiful property she’d love to share with you called Branch Mill Organics on Arroyo Grande in California.

Says GoCamp renter, Nora Phillips, “Our Hipcamp host in Arroyo Grande, Ruth, told us about the organic garlic shortage in her area and I photographed her hanging “Chesnok Red’s” that she’ll be continuing to replant. We snacked on the pomegranates she gave us and cooked up the hot peppers and fresh garlic into a delicious meal in the van.”


Camping on private land doesn’t mean you need to be an extrovert, or spend all your vacation time in the company of strangers. Hipcamp hosts may be there to greet you, or maybe they’ll just drop off firewood so you can have a campfire as soon as you arrive. If you get the chance to connect, however, we highly recommend it. Nora shares, “I’ll never forget the beautiful places we went to, but they weren’t nearly as special as these human connections. All of our Hipcamp campground hosts were warm and inviting. We were offered the freshest pumpkins, persimmons, lemons, eggs, garlic, hot peppers, honey, cookies and above all else, incomparable camp hospitality.”

You may be looking just for a place to park and camp on private land, but when you book with Hipcamp, you’re gonna find sooo much more. Like a beautiful camping experience at The Meadows of Isleton, a working farm owned by Michael and Terri, with lavender, honeybees, and two cows named Melvin and Sweet Roy. What could possibly be a better private land camping experience than that?

Photography by Nora Phillips. See Nora’s full gallery on noraemilyphoto.com.