Joshua Tree desert landscape

Joshua Tree by Camper Van

Trip inspiration and photos by Kristine and Charles.

Who knew a quiet desert highway could feel this luxurious? This custom built Ford Transit camper called Spirit Bison knew.

Find Your Favorite Joshua Tree

Pick up a camper van in Los Angeles and head toward Joshua Tree National Park for otherworldly views and serene surroundings. Joshua Tree National Park is no stranger to road-trippers and daydreamers, but don’t let someone else’s Instagram photo be assumed as all there is to see. Joshua Tree is just a 2 hour drive outside of Los Angeles and you’ll be in a whole new breathtaking world, straddling the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert, with sooo much more to see.

Plan On Pulling Over

Spirit Bison, like all GoCamp camper vans, is equipped with everything you need to keep exploring by van, or to stop and stay awhile. And if you’re traveling through the ineffable wonder of the US southwest, you will want to allow for plenty of time to pull the chairs out of the back and simply stare off into the sparkling, sunlit sands.

Come Home To Cozy

Get out and explore the desert by foot, and when you come back to your home on wheels, wipe your feet and warm up with a real wood-burning stove in Spirit Bison!

“The van came with pine cones to light up in the mini wood stove. Super cute! The fire didn’t last too long which makes sense since it’s so tiny, but it definitely warmed up the space quickly!” – Kristine

That’s The Spirit

Spirit Bison will move you, literally and figuratively. You’ll be moved by the enchanting way the sand dances across the highway, and moved by the stars that open up overhead. You may want to dance, you may want to be completely still. There’s plenty of time for both.

Rent from Multiple Locations

GoCamp has privately-owned camper vans available for rent in multiple locations, including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Reno, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff and Denver. Each van is road trip-ready – a true home on wheels – so that you can travel and explore safely and comfortably.

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