Bacon on the stove with eggs and daffodils in a Eurovan Camper.

Cook in a Camper

GoCamp offers two different types of VW Eurovans – what are called “Campers” and “Weekenders.” Both styles have the fun pop top. The big difference relates to how the space in the main cabin is used. Here we discuss the key features of the Eurovan Camper.

The Eurovan Camper includes a Kitchenette

Campers have a little kitchenette inside the van that includes a sink, 12 gallons of water capacity, a two-burner gas stove, and either a small fridge or a cooler. There is also lots of cabinetry and storage space built in to the kitchen area where we store all your pots and pans and essentials for cooking. All GoCamp vans come stocked with everything you need to cook up a feast.

Eat Inside or Out; Swivel the Front Seats and Play Cards

The two front seats swivel to face the rear. You can set up the van’s convenient indoor table and dine in the van or use the table to play a game of cards. Alternatively, grab one of your camp chairs and eat outside the van. All GoCamp vans come with camping gear – camp chairs, roll up tables, lanterns, headlamps, etc. – so you’ll have plenty of options for how to set up your camp.

Nimble and Easy to Drive

Eurovan Campers are typically 17 feet long, have power steering, front wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, air bags, V6 engines with 200 horsepower and gas mileage that ranges from 18 – 22 miles per gallon. We offer both automatic and manual transmission vans; check listings for more information. These nimble vans drive like cars, not like a typical RV. You’ll have a relatively small footprint, so you can park in traditional parking spots and when booking campground reservations you definitely don’t need to reserve RV spots in any campground you are visiting.

Camp all Four Seasons of the Year

Considered appropriate for all seasons, Eurovan Campers have air conditioning for hot days, and a forced air furnace with thermostat for cold nights. The same propane that powers the stove will power the furnace. The propane tank holds approximately 5 gallons of propane, plenty for a week of cooking and running the furnace.

The lights inside the van – such as the reading lights above the bed (be sure to take a good book; see our suggestions here!) – are powered by the auxiliary battery. Every time you drive the van you recharge the auxiliary battery. You can also plug the van in to shore power. When you do, your 110 volt outlets will work. When not plugged in, your 9 volt outlets will run off the battery.

Eurovan Campers seat and sleep four

The back bench seat folds down flat to sleep two, and two more can sleep in the pop top. Eurovan Campers are perfect for two people, or double the fun with a family of four. Car seats are easy to install in the back bench seat, and kids absolutely love sleeping in the pop top. It’s like a tree fort up there!

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