Fox pillow on the back bench seat of a Eurovan Weekender Camper Van.

Stretch Out in a Weekender

GoCamp offers two different types of VW Eurovans – what are called “Weekenders” and “Campers.” Both styles have the fun pop top. The big difference relates to how the space in the main cabin is used. Learn more about the key features of the Eurovan Weekender below.

Weekenders have space

Campers have a little kitchenette inside the van. But in gaining the kitchen, you give up some elbow room. Weekenders don’t have the kitchenette, instead the backseat and lower bed are extra large, a great trade off.  

The back bed is extra large

How large? The bottom bed in a Eurovan Weekender is 58″x74″ while the bottom bed in the Camper is 43″x74″. You get 15 extra inches in the bottom bed of a Weekender. In both, the top bed is 43″x74.”

More room for more people

More space often translates to more people having fun. These vans are very popular, for example, with Hood to Coast teams. Weekenders seat three in the back seat, and also include a rear facing jump seat behind the driver for a total of 6 passengers. Kids absolutely love the rear facing seat; it’s like being on a train. A table inside the van swings up for dining or playing cards.

All the camping and cooking gear you need is included

All GoCamp Weekenders, like the Metolius pictured above, are loaded with a fully-equipped exterior kitchen set up and everything you’ll need to cook, camp and sleep. If you need to throw a tent in the van and extra sleeping bags and pads, we’ve got you covered.

Your camper van rental also includes bedding such as sheets, pillows, blankets and sleeping bags. And all GoCamp vans come with camping gear – camp chairs, roll up tables, lanterns, headlamps, etc. – so that all you have to do is hop in and go. Also, many GoCamp vans have roof racks so you can take all your toys. Your van will have everything you’ll need period.

Easy and fun to drive

Eurovan Weekenders are typically 16 feet long, have power steering, front wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, air bags, V6 engines with 200 horsepower and gas mileage that ranges from 18 – 22 miles per gallon. All of our Weekenders are automatic transmission. These nimble vans drive like cars, not like a typical RV. You’ll have a relatively small footprint, so you can park in traditional parking spots and when booking campground reservations you definitely don’t need to reserve RV spots in any campground you are visiting.

Weekenders typically have three 12-volt outlets and an auxiliary deep cycle coach battery to power the lights throughout the van. There is also a small DC cooler box in most models under the jump seat, though we do also send you off with a cooler for your perishables.

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Photo credit: Shawn Linehan

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