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Woman sits by the Sandy River in Oregon

About Us

GoCamp is a Woman-owned business​

Founded in 2017, Deborah Kane created GoCamp with one goal in mind:

make camping easy

We are small by design; your vacation is and always will be very personal to us. Staying small allows us to keep a close eye on the quality of your experience. In fact, the GoCamp fleet is curated; we select only the very best camper vans and the nicest, most knowledgeable owners for inclusion on the GoCamp website.

About Deborah

I love to camp, hike, mountain bike, and most of all, whitewater kayak. In early 2017 I left a successful career in public service that had me constantly flying back and forth across the country. I didn’t want to get on another airplane for a very long time. I am, however, always interested in hitting the road for a camping trip. See our Insider Tips page for more about me and my motivation for starting GoCamp. You can also read about us in Oregon Business Magazine or 1859 Oregon’s Magazine.

Most important, please know that my singular focus, and that of my team, is on making sure you have the time of your life in a GoCamp camper van. Never hesitate to reach out if we can answer a question, help you book a trip, or otherwise be of service.

The most important rule at GoCamp is that you absolutely, positively must have fun

For a sense of just how fun it is, watch the GoCamp video below

List Your Van

GoCamp started in Portland, Oregon and then expanded to California. We’re now accepting listings in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Where should we go next? Check back for additional pickup locations, or please be in touch if you own a great van and would like to start listing it on GoCamp.


Yes. If you are awesome and you know it, we’d probably love to collaborate with you on a project. We’ve been fortunate to work with a growing list of cool brands, great photographers, inspired filmmakers, and generally creative people in this space we call #vanlife (an easy, though imperfect shorthand). Please be in touch if you’ve got an idea.


Media Inquiries

If you would like to interview or feature GoCamp, let us know!


GoCamp puts the customer first

“We snowboarded on Mt Hood and then hit the coast all in the same day. Epic trip. One of the embers from our camp fire burned a hole in the camp chair. We pointed it out to the van's owner, and offered to pay for the chair. Deborah's answer was basically "don't worry about it, just shows me you had a good time." Love this company. They put the customer first.”

James, in Deborah's personal van, the Grand Ronde