A Eurovan Camper heads into Leslie Gulch in Eastern Oregon.

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Leslie Gulch

When the rains come in Oregon, lots of long timers know to head to Leslie Gulch for some sunshine and dry weather. That’s exactly what Andrew and Remy did with the GoCamp camper van called Grand Ronde last spring. It worked like a charm. Not only did they get dry weather, they got magical landscapes as well.

Stunning landscapes

Situated in one of the most stunning landscapes in Oregon, you’ll find the Slocum Creek Campground at the end of a 15-mile dirt road. And many days you won’t find much else. The area features towering rock cliffs, mysterious honeycombed walls and awe-inspiring rock features formed from colorful volcanic ash carved by the powerful and relentless forces of nature. Nearby, the wide Owyhee River flows slowly. This river gives life to an abundance of flora and fauna. The area boasts over 200 bighorn sheep, mule deer, bobcats, coyotes, mountain elk, great horned owls, California quail and bats. Seasonal wildflowers in the area include the colorful arrowleaf balsamroot, Indian paintbrush and lupine.

Very few people are familiar with Leslie Gulch, a canyon in Malheur County. The gulch is named after Hiram E. Leslie, a local rancher who was struck by lighting in 1882.

So when those rains come, and they will, we suggest you head east in a GoCamp camper van. The Grand Ronde is a Eurovan Camper, fully outfitted for your next adventure. All you have to do is hop in and go. Click the Reserve Now link to book your camper van adventure today.

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