Listing Your Van


It's free to list.


Contact us today to learn more about listing your van on GoCamp. As owners ourselves, we have a pretty good sense of the kinds of questions you probably have. (See free counseling services below!)

Turn"impractical" into "practically pays for itself."

Chances are your van is sitting in your driveway or garage and probably isn't your primary vehicle. Why not earn some extra income when you aren't using your van?

Listing your camper van on GoCamp is a great way to pay for all those groovy upgrades you've been thinking about - lift kit, awning, electric cooler anyone? GoCamp van owners enjoy discounts at GoWesty.

See below for more info on all the benefits of listing your van with GoCamp. 


How it Works

Listing your van on GoCamp is FREE. GoCamp pays the costs associated with an initial assessment of your vehicle to determine whether it meets GoCamp’s quality standards. We’ll work with you to make any necessary upgrades or fixes. Once your van is deemed ready for posting on GoCamp, you commit to making your van available for a minimum of five weeks during the busy season (May – September), but only when it fits your schedule.

Rather than people trying to find your van in a sea of random rental cars, GoCamp's platform is dedicated exclusively to Eurovans and Vanagons. Sure, we're renting cars; but really we're renting an experience. Plus, most car sharing sites don't accept vehicles older than 2005. GoCamp knows those vehicles are actually the very best ones.


Get Started

To get started listing your van, fill out our initial inquiry form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible with further instructions. We're looking forward to meeting you and your van!


GoCamp provides a basic checklist of all the items that must be in your van – camping and cooking things that are likely already there – so that a minimum of four people can hop in and go. You agree to uniform pricing and rental policies, but have flexibility to offer add-ons, promote special features, or adopt flexible minimum rental period requirements.


We'll handle all the marketing and booking on your behalf and even schedule a photo shoot so that your van is presented in the best light possible. You meet and greet customers and show them any unique features of your van. On vacation or can't meet people? No worries. We've got you covered. 

What's Included?


Listing your van on GoCamp is FREE and we'll make sure your van's profile sparkles. 


GoCamp will pay for a mechanical assessment to determine if your van needs any updates or improvements before listing.


Your van will be covered. We offer $1 million in liability insurance, along with $75,000 in comprehensive damage and collision insurance.


For peace of mind, you can either encourage or require your renters to get our 24-hour roadside assistance package. 



Social media and marketing support, plus handling of all bookings and inquiries, results in a shared customer base accessed by all.


We perform DMV background checks on renters, provide detailed info about who wants to rent your van, and you can always decline a booking.


We're pleased to have partnered with GoWesty to provide a 10% discount on all those upgrades you've been wanting to make! 


You are thinking, "I don't know, can I really rent out my baby?" We offer free counseling to deal with your separation anxiety. We've been there.


Let's gO!

The GoCamp fleet is currently based in Portland, Oregon but we expect to expand to other locations relatively quickly. Definitely be in touch no matter where you and your van are. 





Owner Testimonials

“I’d love to use my van more, but with a full time job and three kids, we just don’t get out as much as I’d like. GoCamp seemed like a great way to bring in a little extra cash instead of having the van just sit there in the driveway. ” 

— Dave, owner of Mt. Hood



“Buying our van was a little bit of a stretch financially. If GoCamp can help me recover some of those costs, I’m all for it! I already manage an AirBnB basement apartment. I didn’t want to have to coordinate with another set of renters, so I love that GoCamp will handle all that for me. ” 

— Eric, owner of Grand Ronde



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