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Road to Renting

Road to Renting

Thanks so much for signing up for our Road to Renting series. We'll be in touch to answer any questions you might have, and to share some of the things we've learned over the years about RV and camper van rentals. No need for you to reinvent the wheel! We're happy to serve as a resource to you whether you end up working with GoCamp or not.

And if you already know you want to list your RV or camper van with GoCamp, go ahead and fill out the Listing Form below. Once we receive it we'll reach out with next steps.

Highly recommend GoCamp

“I was one of the very first van owners to join the GoCamp fleet. Watching this amazing company grow has been awesome. Even better? They are firmly established as an industry leader, but they haven't lost a single bit of their early pluck and entrepreneurialism. Great people, agile team ... I highly recommend working with GoCamp if you want to rent out your camper van. You'll find no better.”

Eric S, owner of RJ

Now accepting listings in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington

Come on in and join the GoCamp fleet! GoCamp is focused on markets west of the Mississippi. Right now we’re in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Reno, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff and Denver. We’re constantly adding new markets in response to demand from RV owners who want to list with us, so if you don’t see your city yet, please reach out! Let’s make GoCamp happen for you.

We are now accepting listings for Sprinters, Sportsmobiles, ProMasters, Ford Transits and other conversion vans in addition to a limited number of Eurovans and Vanagons. In the Eurovan category, we prefer 2002 – 2003 Campers. We are no longer accepting any manual transmission Eurovans.

Not ready to fill out the form? We’re happy to answer each and every question you might have. Email us at and we’ll set up a time to connect.

Get started listing your van today!

To get started listing your van on GoCamp, please complete the form below. The questions in the beginning of the form help us build your profile. The questions at the end of the form are necessary to help us determine if your van will qualify for our insurance coverage. You can skip questions and still submit the form; we’ll circle back with you to help you complete any missing information as necessary. Any questions? Just give us a call at 503.327.8512.

  • Did you do a google search, see an ad, or hear about GoCamp from a friend or colleague? If so, please let us know who below so we can thank them. You can enter either a name or a referral code below. Thanks!
  • The Long Wheelbase Program is best for maximizing revenue generation and you get a better payout rate.
  • e.g. Volkswagon, Eurovan, 2002; Sprinter 2012 ... Tell us also how high or how long your Sprinter or conversion van is. Is it a custom conversion or a factory conversion?
  • Please note the van's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), current mileage, and license plate # below. (We need this info to determine if your van qualifies for our insurance package.)
  • Please let us know your best guess on your van's value below. We've got two levels of insurance. If your van is worth more than $125,000 please be sure to let us know.
  • Please answer this question based on how many legit seatbelts you have.
  • How many people can sleep inside the van?
  • Name your van and then tell us about how great your van is and why. Do you have a new stereo? Great speakers? LED lights? Special foam pad for sleeping? What upgrades and bells and whistles have you added? GoCamp will do some light editing, but much of what you provide below will likely show up in your profile, so don't be modest!
  • (Check all that apply)
  • The items listed below are standard GoCamp add-ons. Check all that apply.
  • If you offer additional add-ons, please detail those below. (e.g. "SUP at $65; canoe at $55; portable shelter at $35)
  • GoCamp will help you set an appropriate high season rate for your van. Most Vanagons and Eurovans are in the $175 - $190 range during the low season, while most Sprinters are in the $185 - $240 range depending on amenities and seating/sleeping capacity. What were you thinking for a high season rate?
  • GoCamp generally recommends 5 night minimums in the high season, but if you are just getting started, you might want to set yours lower at first.
  • GoCamp will help you set an appropriate low season rate for your van. Most Vanagons and Eurovans are in the $135 - $150 range during the low season, while most Sprinters are in the $175 - $210 range depending on amenities and seating/sleeping capacity. What were you thinking for a low season rate?
  • All renters MUST purchase GoCamp's liability and comp and collision insurance. They have the OPTION of adding a 24-hour roadside assistance package so that they've got someone to call if the battery dies, a tire blows, etc. Would you like to REQUIRE that renters of your van purchase the additional roadside assistance package for $15/day?
  • You can opt to limit where people take your van as one way to minimize the wear and tear on it. Let us know below if you'd like to limit the van's range.
  • Please detail below when your van is available for renting. (If easier, just tell us black out dates.)
  • Would you want it rented in the winter months?
  • Typically, most camper vans undergo a mechanical assessment before being cleared for posting on GoCamp. (Rare exceptions apply if, for example, you just spent $1,000s of dollars on a complete overhaul and can provide recent receipts for work done.) Give us a sense below of what kind of shape you think your van is in.
  • Anything else you want us to know or have questions about? Feel free to expand on any thoughts below.
  • You'd be surprised how many people will use a website's services without really understanding the policies and terms of use of that website. (We do it all the time!) But GoCamp values transparency in our relationships with owners and renters, so please do spend some time reading the policies relevant to you.