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Make (Lots of) Money Renting out Your RV or Camper Van

Earn as much as $50,000+

Use your van when you want to. Make good money renting it out when you aren’t using it.

You have two options for renting out your camper van: GoCamp PRO or GoCamp LITE. With both, GoCamp responds to inquiries, builds rapport, closes the sale, and then introduces you to a steady stream of renters.

90% of the GoCamp fleet is in the PRO program. The two options for renting out your van on GoCamp are defined in detail below, and we also offer special pricing and unique features for fleet managers.

Take the next step toward listing your van

Ready to rent out your van right now? Just gathering information? Either way, sign up for more information below and we’ll send you everything you need to know about making money renting out your van, including:

  • A sample payout so you can see how it all works.
  • Side by side analysis of GoCamp, Outdoorsy, RVshare, and other RV sharing sites.
  • GoCamp’s Top 10 Tips for Successfully Renting Out Your Camper Van.
  • The GoCamp Listing Form so you can get started renting your van whenever you are ready, including right now! 🙂

In 2023 we’re expanding into new markets. If you’ve got a great van anywhere in the US we want to hear from you!


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Ideal for filling gaps in your rental calendar

GoCamp is available as a secondary marketing channel for those that might be managing their own listings on other sites. We’ll still fill your calendar with bookings, but you won’t enjoy the benefit of the GoCamp special pricing offered to those in our PRO program.


You get one listing

You get a professionally managed listing on the GoCamp website. Calendars on other listings you may maintain do not synch with your GoCamp calendar.


  • Free listing on GoCamp
  • $1 million in liability coverage plus up to $200k in comp and collision coverage
  • 24-Hour roadside assistance
  • Listing creation and management
  • Driver verification and screening
  • Professional marketing and lead generation
  • Personable customer service support
  • Digital guidebook for your van
  • Priority placement when renters search by builder


GoCamp takes commission on the total booking, including the base nightly rate, cleaning fees and add-ons like pet fees, bike racks, and more. We don’t take a commission on mileage fees.

GoCamp PRO

Ideal for maximizing your revenue generation

With GoCamp’s PRO service level, when you list your van on GoCamp we create an identical listing for you on Outdoorsy. When a reservation is made on either platform, the calendars synch automatically. The math really works in your favor. When you double your exposure, you quadruple your rentals!

You get two listings

You get a professionally managed listing on the GoCamp website and on Outdoorsy. You get better payout terms than you would in our LITE program, and that’s true regardless of which site generated the reservation.


  • Everything in LITE
  • Priority placement on search results
  • Loss of use coverage
  • Dedicated Owner Success support
  • Featured in event marketing
  • Free second listing on Outdoorsy with automatic calendar synching


GoCamp takes commission only on the nightly rental rate. There is no commission on mileage charges, cleaning fees and add-ons like pet fees, bike racks, and more.

With either option you always get:

Full transparency. We pride ourselves on open communication and very much work in partnership with the van owners who rely on us to market their vans.

Personal service. We will know you by name, answer your calls, and respond to your emails promptly. GoCamp is small by design so that we can provide excellent customer service to renters and van owners alike.

Good company. The GoCamp fleet is curated. We guard our brand integrity and have high standards. Not everyone gets to list their van on the GoCamp website. If your van is on our site, you're in very, very good company. 

GoCamp by your side

“I can tell you about GoCamp in two words: hassle free. It’s so much easier to do this with GoCamp at your side.”

Erin, owner of Your New BFF

Insider Tips on Renting Out Your Van

One Year of Rentals

On his one year anniversary as a GoCamp van owner, Peter Nguyen shares his lessons learned, how he gets rentals in two cities, and how he delivers an exceptional customer experience.

2021 Year in Review

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Denver, CO wins the 2021 van owner award for the highest overall gross earnings. Learn how much this Revel earned and see the other award winners!

Advice for Renting Out Your Van

The Bartons share advice for making the renting process super easy. Says Erin, “I love how little we have to do. GoCamp takes all the hassle out of it.”

Want to Talk it Through?

We get it. We are van owners ourselves and would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to be in touch.

We can give you practical guidance as you evaluate your options for renting out your camper van. And having done a thorough analysis of the marketplace, we can also tell you how much money you might make and whether your van is a good fit for us.

Also, we're always on the move and will likely be in a city near you soon. Check out our 2023 event schedule. We'd love to meet you in person if possible.

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