MODE or Revel

What’s it gonna be?

Decisions decisions. You want a camper van and have been exploring your options. After binge-watching YouTube conversion van videos you’ve decided to skip the do-it-yourself route. You want a van that has been professionally outfitted and is ready to roll. Plus, you want an adventure rig that’s ready for off-grid good times, so you’re confident that a 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the right make and model for you. At this point in the decision making process a lot of people are left trying to decide between a MODE or Revel.

With the luxury of a Mercedes-Benz chassis plus high-quality custom-built features from the talented team at Storyteller Overland, a MODE camper van might be your 4×4 dream come true. Or perhaps the Revel, also built on a Mercedes-Benz chassis, will tempt you. It’s a tough choice between two good options.

The easy choice? Try before you buy by renting a MODE and/or Revel. Here are a few privately owned rigs in the GoCamp fleet that you could take out for a spin down some dusty roads to help make the decision about which rig is right for you: MODE or Revel?

Try a MODE

Serenity – Mercedes-Benz Storyteller Overland Beast MODE, Seattle, WA

DESCRIPTION: Serenity is the soulmate to the rugged individualist giving you full access to the outdoors. One of the hottest new vans to hit the market, Storyteller Overland’s approach throughout the entire process of designing, testing and manufacturing the MODE 4×4 series has been to deliver an adventure-ready vehicle that is… Safe, Simple, Fun, Flexible, Rugged, and Ready to Go at all times!

El Gordo – Mercedes-Benz Storyteller Overland Classic MODE, San Francisco, CA

DESCRIPTION: This van will take you and your family or friends on the adventure of a lifetime. All you have to do is dream big and then set yourself on cruise control. El Gordo has got you covered, friend. Perfect for long weekends or long road trips in any type of weather, you’ll have both air conditioning and heat in the main cab, depending on the season. The awning provides shade from the sun or cover from the rain, and the built in LED lights under the awning mean you can linger outside long after the sun has gone down.

Try a Revel

Dream Surfer – Mercedes-Benz Revel, Eugene, OR

DESCRIPTION: Revels like Dream Surfer provide the perfect balance between compact size and spacious interior. At just 19.5 feet long and 10 feet tall, it’s easy to drive, and you can park it just about anywhere. The van’s interior has plenty of space to stash your gear, making it the ideal van for adventure.

Blue Rodeo – Mercedes-Benz Revel, Denver, CO

DESCRIPTION: Equipped with 4×4, this van can go anywhere, any time of the year. Best of all, it’s got all your creature comforts: AC and diesel-powered heat, induction stovetop, mini fridge, sink, indoor shower, and cassette toilet. Two adults sleep soundly on a full-sized mattress on an adjustable platform bed. The dinette area converts to a small kid-sized bed.

Ready To Choose?

Rent a rig for a few days and get to know van life from the inside out, because nothing will tell you more about what van is right for you than actually putting yourself inside a van. If the off-road life is the life for you, you’re gonna love what the MODE and Revel have to offer, so why not try before you buy?