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All of GoCamp's camper vans include a detailed notebook of information about our policies, how to use various features in the vans, what kind of gas to use, etc. By booking a camper van through GoCamp, you agree to the terms of use of this website and all terms and conditions defined in the rental contract you enter into with the individual van owner.

Policy Info


We do not rent to drivers under the age of 25 and we do a DMV check on all drivers to ensure you meet minimum requirements. If you've had two or more major moving violations or any DUIs in the past, you will be denied access to renting. If you fail the DMV check you will receive a full refund. If several people intend to drive the vehicle, all must go through, and pass, the DMV check. A valid drivers license must be presented by all drivers when you pick up the vehicle. YES, we are able to accommodate INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS. Please inquire.


We want you to go have the adventure of your life, but, do not take the vans off-road. These are NOT off-road vehicles so if that is the adventure you are after, best rent a different, more appropriate vehicle. If you do venture off-road, you will be responsible for all damages to the vehicle and all costs associated with any necessary towing or other expenses that result from your breaking this very important rule.


See individual camper van profiles for specifics on pets. Some van owners allow them, others don't.

A standard $125 fee will be applied if the camper allows pets.


Please do not smoke cigarettes, tobacco, marijuana or anything else in the vans.


You are required to purchase our insurance, which provides $1 million in liability coverage to you and the van owner, and up to $125,000 in comp collision coverage. Insurance costs $31.95/day.


We make 24-hour roadside assistance available through our partners, Coach-Net, for $15 a day. Coverage includes unlimited: towing, flat tire assistance, emergency fluids delivery, battery boost, and a mobile mechanic.


If you have an accident or experience a mechanical failure of any kind, please call us immediately. Our first concern is safety. Our second concern is helping you get back on the road as soon as possible. GoCamp usually has one vehicle in a backup position in case of any emergency. This means that in the unlikely event that something happens, we should be able to get you into a backup vehicle so you can keep enjoying your adventure.


Pick Up and Drop Off

Pick Up

There is no set pick up and drop off time. You'll make arrangements suited to your needs and schedule with individual van owners. 

At pick up, you’ll receive a detailed orientation to your van, finalize paperwork and get fully acquainted with all the van's features.

Drop Off

The rental period is generally considered to be 24 hours. If you pick up the van at 10 am, you'll be expected to return it by 10 am.

Most van owners can accommodate requests for extra time. For every hour beyond the 24 hour time period, we charge $20/hour. If not arranged in advance, the fee will be deducted from your security deposit.



You can cancel the vehicle for a full refund, less a 5% service fee, up to 30 days prior to the rental. If you cancel with less than 30 days prior to the rental, you will receive a refund for 50% of the rental fee.

Cancellations must be made in writing. We are unable to offer refunds for shortened trips if for some reason (e.g. weather, change in schedule) you return the vehicle early. GoCamp reserves the right to cancel a reservation at our discretion if we feel that the rental would not be safe (e.g. a renter shows up intoxicated, a hurricane is expected along the coast and you are determined to go surfing, etc.).

If GoCamp cancels the reservation you will receive a full refund.

Learn More

We consider the information provided above to be “the basics.” If you have any questions at all or have a very specific issue you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, shoot us an email, or read more about our policies for renters here.