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Earn More Than $20,000!

On average, van owners made $12,000 - $16,000 on GoCamp last year, with several making well over $20,000!

Is your van living its best life, or is it sitting in the driveway feeling depreciated?

Turn impractical into practically pays for itself.

Chances are your van is sitting in your driveway or garage in between adventures and probably isn't your primary vehicle. Turn that driveway downtime into easy income by listing with GoCamp!
It's like Airbnb, but for camper vans, and GoCamp generates more leads, more customers (and more revenue!) for van owners than any other rental platform. Listing is FREE and we manage just about every detail imaginable.

OREGON, CALIFORNIA and IDAHO: We’re currently operating in Oregon, California and Idaho, but happy to hear from van owners in other west coast states. We’ll be adding new locations soon.

See below for more info on all the benefits of listing your van with GoCamp, and check out the Owner Policies for all the details.

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Take the first step! To get started listing your van, fill out our initial inquiry form and we’ll get started building you an awesome profile. We're looking forward to meeting you and your van!

What's Included?


When you list your van on GoCamp you get a complimentary listing on Outdoorsy - the world’s largest RV sharing marketplace. The math works in your favor. When you double your exposure you quadruple your rentals.


Our comprehensive insurance includes $1 million in liability to you and the renter, as well as damage and collision insurance up to $125,000. You and your van are covered every time it is rented.


We perform DMV background checks on all renters to be sure they have clean driving records. We also always work hard to put great renters in your van. So great they’ll feel like family.


You won’t miss out on a rental with GoCamp. We hear this all the time: Thanks so much for your help. I’ve been looking at a number of rental companies and it’s because of your quick and helpful responses that I decided to go with GoCamp. - Bill (a renter)


For peace of mind, we send renters off with our 24-hour roadside assistance package so that help, if needed, is just a phone call away.


You are thinking, "I don't know, can I really rent out my baby?" We offer free counseling to deal with your separation anxiety. We're van owners too; we’ve been there.



You typically get a larger share of the revenue on GoCamp because we only take our commission on the base rental rate. You get 100% of add-ons such as mileage charges, bike racks, stand up paddle boards, pet fees, cleaning fees, etc.


Your van is cool! Don’t let it get lost in a sea of motorhomes on the bigger sites. The GoCamp brand represents a great fit for the #vanlife vibe your renters are seeking.


Go it alone on the bigger sharing sites and you might find yourself with 20 customers at the end of the year. With GoCamp you have access to a pooled customer base of thousands.


We'll help you outfit your van with special touches, then schedule a photo shoot so your listing is presented in the best light possible. Oftentimes social media influencers will be taking the photos, and then telling all their followers about you.


On vacation or can't meet renters because of a work or personal commitment? No worries. We've got you covered. 


We're pleased to have partnered with GoWesty to provide a 10% discount on all those upgrades you've been wanting to make! 

I’m So Ready!


Want to Talk it Through?

Don’t hesitate to be in touch. With 500+ rentals under our hood we have some practical guidance for you as you evaluate your options for turning driveway downtime into easy income. We’ve also done a thorough analysis of the marketplace, so you can read up on the world of peer-to-peer camper van sharing in our GUIDE TO RENTING YOUR RV OR CAMPER VAN.





Owner Testimonials

“I’d love to use my van more, but with a full time job and three kids, we just don’t get out as much as I’d like. Enter GoCamp. Kaching! My van is making real money; it’s insane. And the community of other GoCamp van owners is the cherry on top. I’ve loved every aspect of the experience so far.“

— Dave, owner of Mt. Hood



“My van is making more money than the AirBnB apartment I also rent out. And the return on investment is way better! GoCamp was a no brainer for me. I can use my van whenever I want, and when it would otherwise just sit in the driveway it is instead generating revenue. I like meeting all the renters too! it’s great hearing their stories. It’s the sharing economy at its best for sure.” 

— Eric, owner of Grand Ronde