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Renter Policies

Last updated August 2021

When you rent a camper van from GoCamp, the most important rule is that you must have fun. See the Policies for Renters below for the less fun, but equally important rules. And please note that by booking a camper van through GoCamp, you agree to the Terms of Use of this website and all terms and conditions defined in the rental contract you enter into with the individual van owner.

Payment Schedule

You pay 50% of the total rental fee at the time of booking. You pay the remainder 14 days before the rental period, or, if booking with less than 14 days to go, at the time of booking.

Taxes and Fees

Rentals in Multnomah County, Oregon are subject to a 17% rental car tax. A 10% service fee that covers administrative costs is assessed on all reservations.

Security Deposit

You will be charged a $1000 – $1500 security deposit two days before your trip begins. This deposit will be released, less any damages or additional fees (fuel, mileage charges, etc) typically within a week of returning the van.

Mileage Allowance

The rental rate includes a mileage allowance of a certain number of miles per day. If you go over the allotted miles, you’ll pay a mileage charge, plus service fee, at the end of your rental. The number of allotted miles, and the fee charged for overages, varies by van and will be specified on your rental agreement. Most vans offer 125 miles per day and charge 35 – 50 cents per mile for overages.

As an example, at 125 miles per day and 35 cents for every mile over, on a four-night rental, you will have 500 free miles. If you traveled 600 miles, at 35 cents a mile you would pay an additional $35 at the end of your trip. Mileage charges are also subject to a 10% service fee.


Your van should have a full tank of gas when you pick it up. Please make sure to fill it back up before you return it. Alternatively, we’ll refuel for you at $5/gallon.

Driving Fines, Tolls and Fees

You are responsible for any fines, tolls, or campground registration fees. These costs are typically deducted from your security deposit.


You can reschedule your trip with no penalty. You can cancel the vehicle for a full refund, less a 5% service fee, up to 14 days prior to the rental. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the rental, you will receive a refund for 50% of the rental fee. Cancellations must be made in writing.

We are unable to offer refunds for shortened trips if for some reason (e.g. weather, change in schedule) you return the vehicle early.

GoCamp reserves the right to cancel a reservation at our discretion if we feel that the rental would not be safe (e.g. a renter shows up intoxicated, a hurricane is expected along the coast and you are determined to go surfing, etc.).  If we cancel the reservation you will receive a full refund.


We do not rent to drivers under the age of 25 and we do a DMV check on all drivers to ensure you meet minimum requirements. If you’ve had two or more major moving violations or any DUIs in the past, you will be denied access to renting. If you fail the DMV check you will receive a full refund. If you are under the age of 25 and book a van with explicit permission from either GoCamp or the van owner, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

If several people intend to drive the vehicle, all must go through, and pass, the DMV check. Costs associated with verifying two drivers are included in the rental. A $10 verification fee is assessed for each additional driver. A valid drivers license must be presented by all drivers when you pick up the vehicle.

Conduct While Driving

You agree to never drive in a careless or negligent manner while driving a GoCamp camper van, nor to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor permit operation of the vehicle by any person except those signed to the agreement.

Travel Restrictions

We want you to go have the adventure of your life, but, we don’t want you taking the vans off-road.

Most of our vehicles are not appropriate for unimproved roads, 4×4 tracks, thick mud, wet or heavy sand, heavily washboarded or pot hole laden roads. GoCamp’s fleet is great for paved roads and established campgrounds. Unpaved state and federal forest roads are permitted as long as they are maintained and well-graded. Exercise caution and good judgement when traveling on such roads, and, when in doubt either drive very slowly or just don’t do it. If you do venture off-road, you will be responsible for all damages to the vehicle and all costs associated with any necessary towing or other expenses that result from your breaking this very important rule.

Travel is restricted to the US and Canada. Travel to Mexico is strictly prohibited. Travel to Burning Man is strictly prohibited unless specified otherwise in the van’s listing. The entire security deposit will be forfeited if there is evidence of travel to Mexico or the Burning Man festival, and additional fines of up to $5,000 may apply. Do not go to Burning Man in a GoCamp van unless specifically allowed by the individual van owner. Should you receive an exemption, this will be documented in writing.   


You are required to purchase our insurance, which provides collision and liability coverage. For most rentals, insurance costs $37.50/day. On some of our premium camper vans insurance costs $47.50/day.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

If you don’t have your own roadside assistance policy (comparable to ours) we will send you off with our 24-hour roadside assistance package for $15 a day. Coverage includes unlimited: towing, flat tire assistance, emergency fluids delivery, battery boost, and a mobile mechanic.

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Renter Responsibilities Regarding Maintenance of the Vehicle

You are responsible for checking all fluid levels, including oil and coolant levels at each refueling. You are also responsible for checking air tire pressure, lug nuts and wheels at each refueling. You are responsible for mechanical damages due to negligence in operation and/or maintenance.


If you are in an accident please call the owner and GoCamp as soon as it is safe to do so. If the accident involves other drivers, please be sure to get the license and insurance information of everyone involved. You should also plan on calling the local authorities to report the accident. If the accident results in disruption of your trip, you are responsible for any lodging, transportation, or food costs while the vehicle is out of service. Accidents typically result in an insurance claim. The insurance policy you purchased as part of your rental will likely kick in; recall that there is a $2,500 deductible for comp and collision on GoCamp’s policy.

Mechanical Failures

If you experience a mechanical failure, please call the van owner as soon as possible to report and discuss the issue. The owner will do his/her best to have the vehicle repaired in a timely manner by a repair facility close to the breakdown location, and should be able to get you back on the road relatively quickly, particularly when you have purchased the recommended 24-Hour Roadside Assistance package. For breakdowns that last 24 hours or longer, we agree to refund the daily rental rate for the amount of time the van is out of service. You are responsible for any lodging, transportation, or food costs while the vehicle is out of service. GoCamp LLC’s liability is limited to refunding your rental fees as detailed above.

If the mechanical failure is due to no fault of yours (e.g. the timing belt breaks) the individual van owner will be responsible for paying any costs associated with the repair and recovery of the vehicle. If, however, it is deemed that the mechanical failure is the result of negligence (e.g. you failed to check the oil levels) or inappropriate driving (e.g. you overheated the engine by trying to go 80 miles an hour over a mountain pass), you will be held responsible for covering the cost of the repair and recovery.

In the unlikely event that something happens, we’ll do everything we can to get you back on the road so you can keep enjoying your adventure.

Minor Scrapes, Dings and Damage

Things happen. If you are driving along and a rock dings the windshield, you are responsible for any costs associated with fixing the windshield. This is true of any small ding, scratch, or minor damage to the vehicle. You’ll do a walk around with the owner before checking out the vehicle, and another upon return of the vehicle. The cost to repair minor scrapes, dings and damages will be deducted from your security deposit.


See individual camper van profiles for specifics on pets. Some vans allow them for an additional $125 fee, others don’t. If you fail to declare a pet in advance, you will still be charged a pet fee which will be deducted from your security deposit.


Please do not smoke cigarettes, tobacco, marijuana, or anything else in the vans.

Pick Up and Drop Off

There is no set pick up and drop off time. You’ll make arrangements suited to your needs and schedule with individual van owners. At pick up, you’ll receive a detailed orientation to your van. Plan on about an hour to finalize paperwork and fully acquaint yourself with the van.

The rental period is generally considered to be 24 hours. If you pick up the van at 10 am, you’ll be expected to return it by 10 am on the return day. Most van owners can accommodate requests for extra time. For every hour beyond the 24 hour time period, we charge $20/hour. If not arranged in advance, the fee will be deducted from your security deposit. We also offer the option to add a half day, prices vary based on van, so that you can pick up in the morning and drop off in the evening without worrying about an hourly charge.

You’ll be given instructions for how to prepare the van for return by the van owner, but generally you are asked to wash dishes, tidy up, refill the fuel tank, empty any grey water, and put soiled laundry in a laundry bag.

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