Road Trip To Moab

Destination Moab

Trip inspiration and photos by Sarah Valencia

An adventure in a camper van rental is less about getting to a final destination and more about the journey itself, rolling along in awe at all that awaits.

The view from the interior dash of a  camper van, looking out the windshield on a desert landscape.

“There was a snowstorm that came through in Colorado the weekend we had the van. Since Moab is fairly close and sunny, we made our way there! The drive through Colorado to Moab was beautiful. Utah had the warmer temps and blue skies we were looking for. We hit Moab to grab some food at the food truck block and then headed to our campsite for more of a relaxed, quiet feel.” – Sarah

Camping Made Easy

There are a lot of ways to camp. You can carry it all in a pack and hoof it somewhere remote. Or you can load up the family car until you can’t see out the back window and then compete for a car camping spot. Alternatively, you could pick up a road-trip ready camper van, and then just roll on in, park, and bam, you’re camping! Need help getting started? We have camping tips for you, like how to camp on private land, how to camp on public land, and the best resources for finding all kinds of camping options.

“We camped on a BLM campsite. It had a mix of desert views, mountain views, and hoodoos all in one. We made meals and popped some beers to watch the golden sunsets. We ventured out on the trails around our campsite, soaked up the sun, and took it pretty easy during the evenings.” – Sarah

Camper Van Comforts

No matter which meticulously-maintained, privately-owned camper van you choose, you’ll have everything you need to travel and camp comfortably. Plus you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with having a pit crew of GoCamp staff and van owners at the ready (just in case).

“The van owner, Ben, was so helpful during the walk-thru process when I picked up the van. There was a bit of a learning curve on the technology (dash, battery charging, and such) but Ben was so helpful and made everything easy to understand. From the walk-thru to his van guide… it was easy to get a flow of the van.– Sarah

A blue gray Revel camper van is parked in a desert landscape with a blue sky and big white cloud in the background.

“The Revel was clean, roomy and had so many luxuries! From the Euroloft bed to the bathroom to the kitchen area… it had everything we could need. We kept it pretty simple on our trip but loved embracing the options of the van.” – Sarah

Make Your Own Moab Fun

Moab, Utah is a remarkably stunning part of the United States, and you’ll be so stoked to experience it (especially with the versatility of having a camper van!). But go with your gut and go your own way, no matter what the billboards say. There’s a lot to be said for sharing in quieter moments with a tasty beverage, a home-on-wheels-cooked meal, and million dollar views everywhere you look.

“The light setup in the van made it easy to navigate when the sun went down but still cozy enough to relax. We created a collaborative playlist for the trip. We also downloaded some podcasts for the road (Comedy Bang Bang specifically for some laughs). The best spots in the town of Moab were Moab Food Truck Block, Moab Garage Co, and Wicked Brew Espresso. We skipped the big parks for more of a quiet BLM experience and hit up the trails around our campsite.– Sarah

Ready to Revel?

Revels are on the rise in popularity, and if you’ve been daydreaming of owning a camper van of your own, renting one is a fantastic way to try before you buy.

“The Revel was perfect for us two but could definitely fit a family. It had plenty of options to keep you comfortable yet easy to make meals, sleep, and such. It’s one of the nicest vans I’ve stayed in! The battery charging and water system were much easier to navigate than I initially thought. Ben and the GoCamp Team made everything so easy and relaxed.– Sarah

Rent from Multiple Locations

GoCamp has privately-owned camper vans available for rent in multiple locations, including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Reno, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Flagstaff and Denver. Each van is road trip-ready – a true home on wheels – so that you can travel and explore safely and comfortably. Know before you go: COVID-19 Safe Travel Guidelines.