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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Van

Does this van look good on me? We love putting customers in the ‘perfect for them’ van. You can give us a call at any time to talk through your trip with us, and we’ll help guide you to the van best suited to your needs. But in the meantime, here are some tips for selecting the perfect camper van for your next adventure. Because yes, that van looks great on you!

Are you relatively tall? Like over 6 feet tall?

Consider the White Walrus, Wild Rose, Lyra, Roads and Rose or any of our growing number of Sprinter vans.

Are you traveling with your favorite furry, four-legged friend?

No need to leave Rover at home. Many GoCamp vans allow pets. When searching for your camper van, simply filter by “pet-friendly” for the latest list of vans that allow four-legged friends.

Are you traveling with more than four people?

When the in-laws are along for the ride, or the kids want to bring a friend, we recommend the Weekender model of either our Vanagons or Eurovans. See for example Mt. Hood or Trillium.

Can you drive stick and do you want people to give you a peace sign or head nod as you drive down the road?

Choose a Vanagon like Mt. Hood, Maupin, Tumalo, or Sweet Caroline.

Are you bringing lots of toys like kayaks, bikes, surf boards and the like?

The van called White Rabbit was made for adventure and can haul all sorts of gear for your getaway.

Will it be super chilly at night where you are going?

Consider one of our vans with a built-in furnace such as Marin Mountaineer or Iggy Pop Top.

Do you need four wheel drive?

Check out the new Mercedes-Benz Revel (we offer two: Helmut and Totoro) or filter by 4WD when searching.

Do you want to drive on the right side of the road and create conversation where ever you go!?

Interstellar is for you!

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