Best Present Ever

Gift a road trip to someone special.

Gift a road trip to someone special.

You have decided to gift someone a GoCamp camping trip. Brilliant! Still on your to do list!? Hurry! We’re currently offering a 10% discount on all 2018 reservations, but this offer expires on December 22nd.

GoCamp offers a wide variety of options for your camping adventure, from old school Vanagons and Eurovans to newer Mercedes Sprinters, conversion vans, and rooftop tents, you have lots of great choices for your next road trip. Enter the coupon code GOCAMP2018 at check out  and we’ll follow up to confirm your reservation and apply the 10% discount off the base rental rate.

Once you have booked your trip, we suggest you package up your GoCamp reservation with one or two of the items below to really make someone’s day.

  1. Maps: Include a few maps so the gift recipient can spend a lazy afternoon pouring over routes and day dreaming about their upcoming adventure.
  2. Campground reservation: Make a campground reservation now while there is still lots of availability via
  3. Trip journal: Consider wrapping up a simple trip journal and place your GoCamp reservation inside; it can be the first trip memento tucked within the pages.
  4. GoCamp bumper sticker or decal: Stop by the GoCamp store for one of our fun pop top decals. You can adorn your package with it (a sure sign something fantastic waits within!) or slip it inside a gift box.

That’s it; super simple. Put a bow on it all and sit back knowing you are about to gift the best present ever… memories. Nice job you!


Photo credit: Uncage the Soul Productions in the van called Mr Mike. 

Five Reasons to Book a GoCamp Camper Van This December

Ah December - a time of parties and presents. Why not give the gift of adventure this holiday season? We've put together five really good reasons December is the perfect time of year to book a GoCamp camper van. Reason #1? You will get 10% off the base rental rate!

Plan your 2018 adventure today.

Plan your 2018 adventure today.


1.     For a limited time, get a 10% discount on 2018 reservations. 

Reserve your 2018 adventure by December 22nd and receive a 10% discount. Enter the promo code GOCAMP2018 at check out and we'll follow up to confirm your reservation and apply your discount.

2.     There is good availability on vans now.

Availability on camper vans for the 2018 camping season is currently good so you can have your pick of dates. Grab spring break, 4th of July or that first week after school gets out NOW while you can.

3.     Campground reservations are just opening up. 

Sites like are just starting to accept spring and summer reservations. Now is the time to be reserving your spot at Joshua Tree or Yosemite. Book your van, book your campsite - you'll be all set. 

4.     GoCamp offers the most affordable camper vans.

Renting a camper van is way more cost effective than buying your own. Even without the awesome GOCAMP2018 coupon code, GoCamp offers the best rates in the region.

5.     Plan now so you can relax later; adventure awaits. 

Sometimes winter has a way of dragging on. When those doldrums set in, we find it is very beneficial to have a summer plan already in the calendar. You'll thank yourself later.

READY TO RESERVE? Simply click here or the Reserve Now link above. 

Note: The awesome aerial photo above was taken by Apertunity Productions during a GoCamp adventure. That's the van called Rogue on the road to happiness.

Reserve your 2018 Camper Van Rental Today!

Book a GoCamp camper van for 2018 and receive a 10% discount off the base rental rate.

Book a GoCamp camper van for 2018 and receive a 10% discount off the base rental rate.

There's never been a better time to book your GoCamp adventure. Enter the promo code GOCAMP2018 at check out and we'll follow up to confirm your reservation and apply your discount. Offer valid through December 22, 2017. Click here or the Reserve Now link above to check availability and book your camper van.   

Fishing for Fun in the Grand Ronde

"The kids absolutely loved it," was the first thing Natalie and Leif reported upon returning the camper van called Grand Ronde. We've gotten pretty used to this statement from parents. One family rented a GoCamp van to celebrate a 5th birthday because their child constantly yelled, "Camper!" every time he saw one on the highway. And our favorite quote of all time remains, "Top bunk. Waaaaay cool," which was uttered by Theo, age 4, just seconds before he fell sound asleep (in the Grand Ronde by chance). 

GoCamp vans are giggle machines, guaranteed for a good time.

GoCamp vans are giggle machines, guaranteed for a good time.

We've known Natalie for years as an amazing yoga teacher, but more recently we are starting to think of her as a #momtog – a mom who happens to be an excellent photographer. Or an excellent photographer who happens to be a mom? Natalie and her sweet family took the Grand Ronde on an adventure to the Deschutes River and returned with these wonderful photos.

For your own family trip, consider taking a drive along the 34-mile (54 km) Lower Deschutes River Back Country Byway where you can stop at Sherars Falls and watch members of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs fish from cliff-side platforms. The Lower Deschutes River offers 16 developed Bureau of Land Management campgrounds along the river so you'll have plenty of options for staying the night.

Given that Leif owns Flying Fish Company, it's no surprise that fishing was on the family agenda. What does your family love to do and how can GoCamp help you make memories? 

Making camping easy ... for families.

Making camping easy ... for families.

To reserve the Grand Ronde for your own family adventure, simply click here or the Reserve Now link above. 

Turning to Sprinters: GoCamp now offers a Variety of Conversion Vans

It's a dream for many. Buy an empty cargo van and outfit it for camping exactly to your own personal specifications. Sprinters, Sportsmobiles, Promasters, Range Rovers, truck campers, roof top tents ... there is more variety than ever in the world of camper vans.

Now there is more variety at GoCamp too.

Sprinter van at Rowena Crest.jpg

GoCamp is pleased to announce that we are now offering Sprinters and other specialty vans. The van featured above and below is the White Walrus, a 2007 Freightliner Sprinter now available to rent for your next GoCamp adventure. To reserve the White Walrus, simply click here or the Reserve Now link above.

Have a conversion van of your own that you'd like to rent out? Please be in touch, click on the List Your Van link above, or get right to it by filling out the listing form here

sprinter conversion van on the road in oregon.jpg