Vanna Delights

After grabbing the keys and taking a tour of Vanna (she was a beaut and everything we could have asked for), we hit the road to Cannon Beach.... This trip itinerary comes to us from Sarah Valencia and Adam Pellegrino, two happy campers that took Vanna (a Nissan conversion van) out for an adventure in Oregon. Thanks for all the tips Sarah!

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 DAY ONE: Portland, Cannon Beach, Pelican Brewing

We hopped on a late night flight from Denver the day before and crashed at a nearby no frills hotel in Portland. After getting some much needed shut-eye, we woke up to a text from Vanna's owner, Tracy, saying to head on over whenever to pick-up our camper van. To say it simply, we were absolutely stoked. After grabbing the keys and taking a tour of Vanna (she was a beaut and everything we could ask for), we hit the road to Cannon Beach.

There were so many options for places to explore on the Oregon coast but Haystack Rock was at the top of the list. The drive to the coast was incredible. The lush trees and winding roads with Tom Petty on the radio gave me some serious adventure feels. Arriving at Cannon Beach, we walked the small town along the coast, grabbed some beers at Pelican Brewing and made a dinner to take down to the beach and catch the sunset. The wind, the golden light, the massive rock formation with the waves crashing against it... it's something forever imprinted in my memory.

DAY TWO: Lost Creek Campground in Mt. Hood, Burnt Lake Trail

We hit the road early in the morning and headed east towards Mt. Hood National Forest to grab a spot at Lost Creek Campground. Our campsite was perfectly tucked away in the towering trees with other campers scattered far enough away that you felt like no one else was around. We popped the top on Vanna and made some lunch before heading to Burnt Lake Trail for some hiking.

Vanna really has all the things you could need in a camper van. The stove + sink combo pulls out of the van so you can have more room to cook or wash dishes. Attached to that is a table that pops up if you need more cooking space. Inside is a convertible couch + bed so it's perfect for an easy sitting or sleeping option. Not to mention, Vanna is stocked with all your cooking and camping needs. 

Hiking into Burnt Lake Trail makes you feel like you have walked into a different time and place with the huge trees and peaceful forest. A storm lingered overhead with thunder booming through the mountains as we trekked through our hike. It was a total surreal adventure. With tired legs and the sun creeping down the sky to set, we headed back to Vanna to make dinner and relax around the campfire. Lost Creek was honestly one of my favorite campgrounds. It was tucked away right by the creek and you could hear the rushing water right outside the camper van. Best night’s sleep a girl could ask for.

DAY THREE: Mt. Hood Roasters, Trillium Lake, Salmon River Trail

We woke up early to head to Trillium Lake to get our kayak rentals for the morning. With not a ton of time to make coffee (like I said, it was a solid night's sleep) we stopped off at Mt. Hood Roasters to try out the local coffee spot. We rolled up to Trillium Lake just in time to catch Mt. Hood’s reflection on the lake in all her bluebird glory.

After some kayaking, we took Vanna down a windy road to Salmon River Trail. I thought the trees at Lost Creek were massive, but these by far were the biggest I'd seen. As the wind blew through the forest you could hear the creak of the trees swaying and the moss fluttering off them. Of any trail, this one stole my heart. 

It was our last night with Vanna staying at Trillium Lake Campground. We made a feast of a dinner and then made our way down to the amphitheater to check it out. We took Vanna down and around the lake to watch the sunset on Mt. Hood. It was an evening for the books and an epic way to end our road trip.

DAY FOUR: Portland

Our time with Vanna was coming to a close so we made some coffee and hit the road back to Portland to return Vanna. Oregon really is one incredible place. With lush forests, peaceful hikes, beautiful mountains and the most friendly, chill locals... it was more than I expected in every way. I have a feeling that Oregon will be a place I'll be visiting again soon and I will definitely be taking Vanna for another spin. 

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Photos: Sarah Valencia

Classic California in the Marin Mountaineer

The Marin Mountaineer, a sweet Eurovan Camper, is located in Tiburon, just north of San Francisco. That means you’ll get to cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on your way to pick it up.

Camper Van for Rent San Francisco.jpg

Right after Luke and Willa picked up the Marin Mountaineer they headed for the Marin Headlands, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, so they could watch the sun rise over San Francisco. From there they stopped by a favorite surf spot at Fort Cronkite before meandering up Highway 1. Luke and Willa’s route took them over Mount Tamalpais, through Stinson Beach, and along the coast to Wright's Beach, where they nabbed a campsite right on the beach (even without a reservation!).

Luke reports, “For anyone looking to escape the city or see NorCal within a short drive of San Francisco, the drive up the coast to Wright's Beach is about as laid back and beautiful as it gets!”

The next day, Luke and Willa headed back down the coast to Point Reyes, a protected National Seashore that has amazing views and limitless places to explore.  Pressed for time, they then headed home, but if you can add one more day to your adventure in the Marin Mountaineer, Luke suggests you linger in Point Reyes, explore the lighthouse, and consider stopping in at Nicks Cove, a little seafood restaurant on Tomales Bay that has great lobster rolls.  

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Head here to read more about Luke and Willa's trip in the Marin Mountaineer. Repeat their itinerary (it's a good one!), or plan your own. To reserve Marin Mountaineer, simply click here or the Reserve Now link above. 

Photo credit: ViatheVan

Enjoy the Journey in Roads and Rose

Relax, she beckons, from her clean white walls. Roads and Rose is the Sprinter van of your dreams.

Bright white bed.jpg

It will be hard to go back to tent camping after a few nights of deep sleep and total comfort in this amazing van. Roads and Rose is a Dodge Sprinter van that is packed and ready to go. The kitchen is gorgeous with a glass tile back splash and plenty of counter space and retractable cutting boards for you to cook up a feast. Six can fit around the welcoming table, and when you are done being the envy of the campground, pop the table down and voila, you have a nearly king sized bed. 

Roads and Rose is meant for the sustainability minded. Enjoy a 20-gallon freshwater tank for your washing and showering needs. Rose is ready to go off the grid with her solar panels and there is a propane-heated shower that will warm up for you in minutes!

Dodge Sprinter Van for Rent.jpg

From a recent renter..."This past weekend we took the gorgeous Roads and Rose around Oregon to camp, and had an absolute blast seeing beautiful lakes, rivers, little towns, and mountain roads. She was the most perfect addition to our trip and made everything easy. I’ve never done the whole camper van thing, and after this little taste, I’m totally in love!"

Rose will remind you to enjoy the journey, but you really won't need the prompt. Leave a note in Rose's guest book; we want to hear all about your adventure. 

To reserve Roads and Rose, simply click here or the Reserve Now link above.  

Photo credit: Abby Elizabeth Tohline

Six Nights in Oregon

Renters on the Road: Jamie and Richie Staggs rented the van called Tilly Jane for a six night adventure in May. They covered the beach, sand dunes, forest, hot springs, waterfalls, hikes, high desert, mountain lakes, and an iconic lodge in an 800 mile sprint around the state. Luckily for you, Jamie shares highlights, and great photos, from their trip below.

 Day One: Nehalem Bay State Park

Day One: Nehalem Bay State Park

DAY ONE: Portland, Stumptown Coffee, Cannon Beach, Nehalem Bay State Park

We flew into PDX the evening before and stayed at an AirBnB. The next morning we headed to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, where the coffee was as good as I'd hoped it would be. From there we picked up our camper van, loaded up with groceries and headed to our first stop, Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach represented the first time I have ever seen the Pacific Ocean and our campground, Nehalem Bay State Park, blew my mind! I cannot emphasize enough how STUNNING this campground is. I had read lots of good reviews on it, but it even exceeded those. The sunset there was just breathtaking and I'd stay there a million times again. The campground was full but didn't feel full. The bathrooms and grounds were clean, but the real gem is #thatbeach. The combination of grasses and dunes and mountains in the background.... #15starsona5starscale.

DAY TWO: Depoe Bay, Seal Rock, Newport, Beachside State Park, Yachats

We headed down the coast and stopped at Depoe Bay, Seal Rock, and ultimately Newport, where we saw sea lions (which were the best things ever). We ate lunch at Newport Diner, which was good (and inexpensive which was a plus) then stopped at the Heceta Head Lighthouse and Devils Punchbowl.

We camped at Beachside State Park, which was quiet, pretty and had hookups. After setting up camp (which with a campervan is easy), we decided to go to Yachats. First off, it’s pronounced ya-hots. Secondly, oh my wow. So pretty; this is a must stop destination for sunset.  

DAY THREE: ATVs in Winchester Bay, Susan Creek Campground

Day three brought the event Richie had been looking forward to the most: ATVs in the dunes. We picked Ridin Dirty ATVs in Winchester Bay and highly recommend them. You pick out your ATV, then the sweetest lady ever hauls them to the dunes, drops you off and picks you up when you are done. These dunes were way bigger than I thought they'd be! This was definitely a highlight of the trip and another must do if you are in the area!

After the ATV experience we stocked back up on groceries in Reedsport and headed east towards Umpqua National Forest. Our campground choice for that night was a gem of a place: Susan Creek. This gorgeous campground has a catch though. While there are a few sites you can access without a reservation, the prime spots must be reserved at least three days in advance. Reservation or no, we gave this place the best rating for showers! There is lots of hot water and each shower is in its own "room" so it isn’t the typical "stall shower" concept. Again, highly recommend: no hookups, but you get a spa-like shower experience and a killer view out the back of your campsite.

DAY FOUR: Umpqua National Forest, Toketee Falls, Umpqua Hot Springs, Diamond Lake Viewpoint

We headed into the Umpqua National Forest and our first stop was Toketee Falls. It’s a short hike to the falls (after parking in a well-marked parking lot, just look for the gigantic pipe). While the falls were gorgeous from the viewing platform, we decided to rock climb to the bottom with the assistance of ropes already there (very helpful!). Once at the bottom of the falls it was so pretty! 

Next stop: the Umpqua Hot Springs. While en route it is not well marked, once you do find it, the parking lot is very well marked! We made a mistake and tried to make our environment "fit" the directions and we ended up on a nice, but long, hike down the North Umpqua Trail. After three miles in we turned around and hiked back. This threw off our schedule for the day, and gave me a blister, but Richie agreed to keep looking for the springs and we found them!

After leaving the hot springs, we stopped at the Diamond Lake Viewpoint on the way to Crater Lake and saw some gorgeous mountains and some super cute chipmunks. Then long story short, the North Entrance was closed to Crater Lake and we didn't have time to get to the South Entrance and back again to get to Bend by 8pm so we made the sad decision to skip Crater Lake. We headed on to Bend to see my aunt and uncle and had a great night sleep at their house (and got to wash all our stuff and have nice showers!). 


We went to Tumalo Falls, then to Sisters for lunch, then we got to do a tour of Deschutes Brewery (maker of Richie's favorite beer!), then had dinner at a food truck area in Bend. Bend is a gorgeous city!

DAY SIX: Smith Rock State Park, Trillium Lake Campground, Timberline Lodge

After a delicious breakfast at Nancy P's Bakery in Bend, we headed north to Smith Rock State Park. There we hiked the four mile long hike, Misery Ridge Trail, which was described as "very difficult.” We had the most gorgeous views during this hike and even saw a rattlesnake! Hikes are my favorite and this one did not disappoint. Like most things on our trip, I highly recommend this stop.

After hiking at Smith Rock, we continued north towards Mount Hood, stopping in Madras where we found a taco food truck that was delicious. Going through Warm Springs we saw wild horses, running as if they got the memo we would be driving by them at that time! Just north of Warm Springs the landscape changed a lot, going from plains to forest almost instantly. We had a reservation at Trillium Lake Campground, just open for the season. Our campsite was so pretty and the lake was gorgeous, but sadly it was cloudy, cold, and we could only see the very bottom of Mount Hood. However, we got to see several bald eagles at the lake, so that was really cool! After dinner we decided to go to iconic Timberline Lodge for some warmth.  

DAY SEVEN: Back to Portland

After a cold night, we packed up to head to Portland and decided to stop back by Timberline Lodge. This visit was way different than the evening before. It was warm, sunny, and packed with snowboarders! We LOVED Oregon! It’s a state full of varied landscapes, ever-changing weather, and the nicest people. 

Editor's Note: And speaking of nice people,  meet the Staggs. Jamie and Richie were traveling in Oregon with their daughter Brittany and her boyfriend Luke. They covered approximately 800 miles in Tilly Jane, a Eurovan Camper, staying at a different place every night. Back home the Staggs are the duo behind Jagg Photography. All of these great photos are theirs.

How and Why GoCamp Offers such Great (Low) Rental Rates

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