Three Things to Consider When Renting a Camper Van in the Pacific Northwest

You’ve decided to rent a camper van and explore the Pacific Northwest. Good for you! Renting a camper van makes for fun and memorable outdoor vacations. We often get asked how GoCamp compares to other camper van rental companies in the Pacific Northwest region. Here are three reasons we think the GoCamp experience is awesome.

Each of our vans is unique (and awesome).

Each of our vans is unique (and awesome).

1.     Vans owned by individuals means lower overhead cost.

Renting a camper van is way more cost effective than buying your own. And GoCamp offers the best rates in the region. All our vans are owned by individuals, so our administrative overhead is very low. You are not paying for a central office or warehouse when you rent a GoCamp van. You also aren’t paying any additional taxes because as a peer-to-peer car sharing model, GoCamp isn’t subject to the same rental car fees (as high as 17%!) that other camper van rental companies must collect from you.

2.     All-inclusive vacations with camping gear, amenities, and more.

Your base rental rate makes it possible to hop in and go. That means all the camping, cooking, eating and drinking, and sleeping gear that you need is included. We’ve noticed other companies will give you bedding for two people, but make you pay extra for two additional sleeping bags. Or your rental fee will include camp gear, but you need to purchase an additional linen package if you want bedding. Those fees can add up!

3.     Each of our rental vans is unique.

Because GoCamp operates on an AirBnB model where every van is owned by an individual owner, all of our vans have their own unique character. Driving away in “van #6” just isn’t as fun as driving away in the van Pat and Jody have lovingly maintained over the years (the van called "Tla-na-na"). If you are renting a camper van from GoCamp, you are in for an authentic experience made richer by personal connection to a local camping enthusiast.

If you’re getting ready for your next vacation, read more of our Stories for further inspiration. Or feel free to reach out if you’re looking for more road trip ideas in the Pacific Northwest.


Photo credit: Uncage the Soul Productions in the van called Mr Mike.