Turning to Sprinters: GoCamp now offers a Variety of Conversion Vans

It's a dream for many. Buy an empty cargo van and outfit it for camping exactly to your own personal specifications. Sprinters, Sportsmobiles, Promasters, Range Rovers, truck campers, roof top tents ... there is more variety than ever in the world of camper vans.

Now there is more variety at GoCamp too.

Sprinter van at Rowena Crest.jpg

GoCamp is pleased to announce that we are now offering Sprinters and other specialty vans. The van featured above and below is the White Walrus, a 2007 Freightliner Sprinter now available to rent for your next GoCamp adventure. To reserve the White Walrus, simply click here or the Reserve Now link above.

Have a conversion van of your own that you'd like to rent out? Please be in touch, click on the List Your Van link above, or get right to it by filling out the listing form here

Photo credit for all:  Devin Tolman

Photo credit for all: Devin Tolman