Five Reasons to Book a GoCamp Camper Van This December

Ah December - a time of parties and presents. Why not give the gift of adventure this holiday season? We've put together five really good reasons December is the perfect time of year to book a GoCamp camper van. Reason #1? You will get 10% off the base rental rate!

Plan your 2018 adventure today.

Plan your 2018 adventure today.


1.     For a limited time, get a 10% discount on 2018 reservations. 

Reserve your 2018 adventure by December 22nd and receive a 10% discount. Enter the promo code GOCAMP2018 at check out and we'll follow up to confirm your reservation and apply your discount.

2.     There is good availability on vans now.

Availability on camper vans for the 2018 camping season is currently good so you can have your pick of dates. Grab spring break, 4th of July or that first week after school gets out NOW while you can.

3.     Campground reservations are just opening up. 

Sites like are just starting to accept spring and summer reservations. Now is the time to be reserving your spot at Joshua Tree or Yosemite. Book your van, book your campsite - you'll be all set. 

4.     GoCamp offers the most affordable camper vans.

Renting a camper van is way more cost effective than buying your own. Even without the awesome GOCAMP2018 coupon code, GoCamp offers the best rates in the region.

5.     Plan now so you can relax later; adventure awaits. 

Sometimes winter has a way of dragging on. When those doldrums set in, we find it is very beneficial to have a summer plan already in the calendar. You'll thank yourself later.

READY TO RESERVE? Simply click here or the Reserve Now link above. 

Note: The awesome aerial photo above was taken by Apertunity Productions during a GoCamp adventure. That's the van called Rogue on the road to happiness.