Big Zip in Big Sky Montana

The van called Big Zip was one of the first to join the GoCamp fleet. Its name is derived from the answer to this simple question: "How many times will it be passed by another Vee Dubb?" Answer: "Zero, ZIP, none." This stylish, well-powered, V6 van, with its custom retro interior, puts the "oooo" in "smooooth." You will feel like the Kaptain of Kool driving this sweet van.

Eurovan Weekender in Montana.jpg

John Waller and Kelli Martinelli have a tradition of marking the new year by taking a road trip. In years past they've visited deep SE Oregon and the Alvord Desert, and central Idaho near the Sawtooth Mountains and Stanley. This year they loaded up Big Zip and headed to Philipsburg and Butte Montana via Spokane and Northern Idaho. 

On new years eve, John and Kelli's crew stood outside in Philipsburg under a full moon and single digit temperatures. They had a fire going in their Solo Stove and as midnight approached, they all wrote down one thing to shed from 2017 and/or one thing to seek more of in 2018. John told us, "At midnight we threw our notes into the fire and popped a bottle of prosecco as an unexpected fireworks display bloomed from the town below. It was a pretty beautiful moment, and a wonderful way to bring in the first few minutes of the new year." 

Eurovan Weekender Philipsburg Montana.jpg

Here's hoping your 2019 is full of equally beautiful moments, and perhaps a GoCamp trip or two. To reserve the Big Zip, simply click here or the Reserve Now link above. 

Photo credit: Uncage the Soul Productions in the van called Big Zip.