Park and Play as you Please

Obsidian lets you park and play just about anywhere. Recently she settled into a sweet spot near the Deschutes River, hit the coast range, and then went off exploring in the Mt Jefferson area for a few nights. No agenda other than have some fun. 


Playing with abandon was surely what Obsidian's owner, Dennis, had in mind when he took a three month sabbatical to build her. Dennis is an industrial designer who put his talents to use turning Obsidian into one of the sweetest rigs we've ever seen.

This van boasts a full size kitchen and a large floor plan; space is used extremely well. With a refrigerator, sink, and stove - you'll be cooking up all sorts of delicious meals at camp. And you'll just generally be living it up in style. One recent renter noted, "It's like a log cabin inside." Indeed it is. An extremely nice log cabin at that.

Obsidian also has tons of storage for your gear and toys. The main bed sleeps two comfortably, or two parents and a small child. The bed system raises to allow for bike storage underneath, or you can opt to use an external bike rack and create extra sleeping space inside the van depending on your needs. There is solar power for off grid camping, plenty of 120v power for sensitive electronics, a 14ft x 8ft awning deployed with the push of a button, and heat that will keep you toasty on cold nights, among many other amenities. 

sprinter van rentals.jpg

Impressed? Obsidian is a perfect example of the design, engineering, and prototyping services provided by Dennis and his team at CreatID. Having tested and refined his concepts with Obsidian, Dennis will soon be making modular van cabinetry available so that others can assemble and install similar cabinets in their own vans at an affordable price. Keep an eye out for Modular Van, coming soon.

And whether you want to try before you buy, or just want go have fun for a few nights, to reserve Obsidian, simply click here or the Reserve Now link above.  

RVShare Sprinter Van for Rent Pacific Northwest.jpg

Photo credits: John Waller, Uncage the Soul Productions