Where should you GoCamp?

Shortly after I launched GoCamp a friend said to me, “I can’t wait to GoCamp.” I about fell out of my chair. Until that moment, I hadn’t realized our company name could work so well in a sentence! But it does. So, where should you GoCamp!?

GoCamp visits Elk Moon Yurt, featured on the HipCamp website.

GoCamp visits Elk Moon Yurt, featured on the HipCamp website.

Planning your trip in a GoCamp camper van is tons of fun. You are about to be on vacation after all. To help, we will continue to post trip routes on our website, like this Six Day North Coast of Oregon itinerary. In addition, we’re sharing information about two websites below that should help you find a great camp site.  

HipCamp.Com: From public parks to private land, HipCamp bills itself as the most comprehensive guide to camping in the nation. You'll find camping spots of all kinds on this website. We really love the inclusion of private lands, as the thought of camping on a vineyard or ranch has a lot of appeal. For example, Ashley Tiedgen, a GoCamp renter and fantastic photographer, recently took the van named Trillium to Geercrest Farm (below) and Elk Moon (above). 

FreeCampsites.Net: With a simple, map based search engine, FreeCampsites can help you find free and cheap camping spots.  Community reviews and ratings provide up to date information and context about each camping option on the site. Enter your starting and ending point in the trip planning feature, and FreeCampsites will serve up a suggested route with camp sites along the way.

We also really appreciate all of the definitions provided by FreeCampsites and have copied some of those below for your reference.

Dispersed Camping. Dispersed camping is camping outside of a campground area on public lands. Often, there will be existing fire rings, picnic tables and/or lantern posts in a pull off from the road. Learn more about dispersed camping.

BLM – Bureau of Land Management. The BLM administers public lands that encompass roughly 1/8 of the total land mass of the U.S. Most of these lands are in the western states. Dispersed camping is allowed on most BLM land for up to 14 days.

USFS – US Forestry Service. THE USFS administers the 175 national forests and grasslands in the United States. The forestry service offers many developed campgrounds as well as a large number of ‘official’ dispersed camping sites. Regulations vary based on the ranger district, but for the most part, dispersed camping is permitted for up to 14 days.

Alright, where are you going to GoCamp?