How and Why GoCamp Offers such Great (Low) Rental Rates

Renting a GoCamp camper van is way more cost effective than buying your own. It is also a really good deal as GoCamp offers some of the best rates out there. How and why are we able to offer such great rates? See below for five key reasons GoCamp's rates are so great.

great rental rates rv camper van rent.jpg

No rental car tax. Many other camper van rental companies charge as much as 17% in sales tax; watch for that charge on your quote! GoCamp does not charge you this fee.

All inclusive: Your base rental rate includes all the camping, cooking, eating and drinking, and sleeping gear you need! All you have to do is hop in and go. We do not charge you extra for every little thing.

Low minimums: We know that a seven night trip could really break the bank, but a three or four night excursion might be just what the doctor ordered. GoCamp offers lots of options for short trips, even in the high season.

No hidden fees: We value transparency and go out of our way to make sure you are clear on our fees. If you ever have a question, please just ask.

Fantastic service: You can't put a price on the level of service and care we provide. Check out the Fan Mail page to assure yourself that our focus is on you.

And please please please always give us a call at 971.400.6768 or send an email to with any questions about our services or rates.