The Hulk is Your Hero

If you are traveling with lots of gear and/or toys, the van called The Hulk is your hero. Why? Just look to the roof.

Rent a Ford Camper Van Transit Conversion Van Sportsmobile.jpeg

The roof rack that runs the length of the van, and is bullet lined for excellent grip and long lasting coverage. You can put just about anything up there. There’s a ladder at the rear of the van for easy access. The Hulk also comes with a large locking rooftop cargo box with tons of storage space, a brand new 10 gallon solar heated and pressurized road shower, an 8'x8' ARB 2500 awning for easy shade when camping, and a Front Runner double jerry can holder with two Wavian 20L jerry cans for extra fuel for long overland adventures.

The inside is just as impressive as the roof! The interior is fully insulated so it stays warm in winter and cool in the summer heat. Reflectex window panels that velcro in to each window and custom magnetic curtains let you block out the sun or retain the interior heat depending on the season. There is a roof vent in the rear above the bed, which is nice at night to draw fresh air. A small USB fan provides great airflow from front to back, keeping the van cool on summer nights. The ceiling is well insulated and covered with beautiful and aromatic cedar planks. The flooring is laminate throughout, and the interior features a dual bench set up with a table that converts into a very large sized bed with plenty of room to get comfortable...enough room to sleep 3 people with an overall length of 6'6". The bed cushions are 6" memory foam with an eggshell topper and are super comfortable. The design allows for tons of storage under each bench.

Finally, The Hulk is equipped with an 120ah deep cycle marine auxiliary battery to power all interior lights (6), dual USB outlets, and a 12V cigarette socket. The aux battery is equipped with a battery isolator so it allows the alternator to charge the battery but won't allow the accessories to drain the starting battery. You can dry camp for over a week without starting the engine to run the alternator and not drain the aux battery using all house lights, USB ports, and 12V socket to charge computers all while constantly running two fans. This setup is amazing and you don't have to mess with solar!

Sportsmobile camper van for rent.jpeg

Time to head on down the road in The Hulk!

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